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Killing of Kashmiri youth in Jaipur a shocker, Human Rights Defender Raqif makhdoomi

Srinagar, 7 Feb: Human Rights Defender Raqif makhdoomi while reacting to the incident termed it most unfortunate and said ? Another innocent Kashmiri youth has fallen to the goons who don't want harmony . These people day in and day out are trying to create division between people and are working really hard to not let people of Kashmir feel free. These events will further build the gap between people and will create tension situation?. The goons involved in the incident must be punished harshly according to law so that things like this don't happen next time. ? May whatever the case be who are these people to beaten up a guy that will lead to death. If he was involved in any wrong doing he should have had been handed to police and the law should have been allowed to take it's course ? said Raqif Makhdoomi. Now as this event took place and it must have created fear among the people of Kashmir living in Jaipur and as the the news has spread it obviously would have now created fear among Kashmiri people in parts of India. The central government must ask it's states to provide security to people of Kashmir and make sure no such incidents take place. Raqif Makhdoomi (

Lok Adalat Held In Beerwah

Feb 8: With an objective to reduce pendency of cases in courts, Tehsil Legal Service Committee Beerwah on Saturday organized a Lok Adalat at Court Complex Beerwah. The Lok Adalat was held under the patronage of Additional Special Mobile Magistrate Beerwah, Mr. Imran Hanief Khan. During the Lok Adalat, various cases of different nature including Civil, Criminal, Compoundable, Matrimonial cases, etc were taken up. A total number of 50 cases were taken up for their amicable settlement out of which 34 cases were settled by mediation and reconciliation. Besides, an amount of Rs. 6900 was recovered as fine in traffic related matters. Bar Association members, litigants, staff members, senior officers of the Administration and other prominent citizens attended the Lok Adalat. People in general have appreciated this timely dispensation of justice and the efforts taken in the Lok Adalat. Faisal Banday,

An economic package for Kashmiri business community, need of the hour-AIP

Srinagar, 1st Feb: Reiterating it's demand for an economic package for business community of Jammu and Kashmir, Awami Itehad Party once again asked the current Government in New Delhi to take cognisance of the losses caused by the abrogation of Articles 370 and 35-A. The manner in which New Delhi has been especially insensitive towards businesses in Kashmir would be remembered for all times to come. It is also pertinent to point out how Kashmir Chamber of Commerce came out with a detailed report regarding economic losses caused post August 5th, last year. The mammoth losses suffered by traders, industrialists and other people associated with private businesses demand announcement of an economic package by New Delhi at the earliest, party Spokesperson Sheeban Ashai said in a statement. Awami Itehad Party demands an economic assistance package to the tune of at least fifty thousand crores to revive and reinvigorate loss stricken private businesses in Kashmir. The current administration must also ensure that financial institutions provide necessary concessions to businesses for paying back loan amounts.From Sheeban Ashai,