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Ladakh Activist Alleges Undemocratic Methods in Voting

Date 28/12/2015
The District Election Authority/
Deputy Commissioner, Leh.


As you know that I demanded re-polling of Diskit constituency on ground of many undemocratic methods being used to ensure the victory of independent candidate during the recently concluded LAHDC election. When we approached you before results declaration, you asked me not to make it an issue on the day of the counting and also assured to conduct an inquiry into the matter. May I know if the inquiry has been conducted or not. Sir, losing and winning is part and parcel of politics but, as an activist, what I am worried about is that if such situation of people resorting to different unconstitutional means to ensure someone’s victory is allowed or left unattended then it may set an unhealthy precedent for smooth functioning of democracy in this trans-Himalayan region.

In a letter written to you on 19/10/2015 signed jointly by the independent candidate, nambarder and sarpanch of the village, few days before the counting, it is confirmed that they had used unconstitutional methods by not allowing others to campaign. It is also sad to see how public offices were used for politics. The trio in their letter declare me as “suffering from chronic ailment” and advise for “psychiatrist consultation”. They end their letter wishing “almighty to bless Tsewang Rigzin (to) get out of his illness and get well soon”. Can we expect such worded letters from very responsible leaders of a village? I am sure you must have taken some action about this letter.

I had to delay the follow up of the case to this day due to some unavoidable domestic circumstances. Nevertheless, I shall not let this issue go unattended. I would like to repeat what all happened during the election at Polling Station No. 26, Diskit, of 3-Diskit LAHDC constituency. The incident murdered the very spirit of democracy in the village. Few influential individuals decided to field an independent candidate from the village itself and no other political parties were allowed to campaign in the village. Finally bogus votes were cast in the most unconstitutional way. It is highly unfortunate to see this happening in a peaceful place like Ladakh after 68 years of independence which can never be tolerated by anyone who loves democracy. Isn’t the public office holders’ involvement a clear violation of election code of conduct?

A day before polling, I wrote to the Returning Officer (copy enclosed) requesting him to ensure smooth and bogus free votes but when I visited the polling station in the afternoon of 17th, bogus votes were freely being cast and I caught some in presence of the polling officer. When I was not allowing bogus votes, some people shouted ‘candidate come out’. Surprisingly and ironically, instead of helping me to ensure smooth polls, security personnel deployed there entered the polling station and pulled me out of the polling booth.

In view of this situation I revoked my election agent also, at around 2.30 pm, as he was unable to stop bogus votes due to booth capturing like situation. He expressed me his helplessness in this regard. I reported the entire incident to the Returning Officer and told him I was leaving the polling station to avoid further conflict and clashes because my own safety was also at risk. You know well that from time to time I have been informing you on phone and also through SMSs about the situation and your good self assured to take action and also told me that I have the right to admission in the polling station.

I will prove about 200 to 300 bogus votes if not more if I am provided with the list of vote cast at the said polling station. In view of the circumstances narrated above I am challenging the verdict and therefore demanding re-polling so that people don’t lose faith in democracy and it sets good precedent for future.

Yours sincerely,


(Tsewang Rigzin)

Contested candidate/Former EC, LAHDC, Leh/Activist &Freelance Journalist

Mobile: 9419179035,

Call to people of Ladakh, Kashmir Valley & Jammu Pradesh to support reorganization of J&K

In a communication to the people living in Ladakh-Gilgit, Kashmir Valley and Jammu Pradesh (Kishtwar to Muzaffrabad), Prof.Bhim Singh, the Founder of J&K National Panthers Party made an earnest appeal to the Indian citizens residing in the entire State of J&K to understand the prevailing situation in the continent and the hot experience of over half a century with the boiling situation in the sub-continent since the partition of India. The separation of Bangladesh from Pakistan is a unique lesson which the people of J&K should and must understand that no State in the 21st century can be established on the basis of a region or religion or language. The separation of Bangladesh from Pakistan is a living example that the creation of Pakistan could not be justified on the basis of religion or even region. Pakistan leadership today has realized that there is a need pressing need for living in peace and harmony with India.

J&K has been exploited by the power hungry leadership combined with armed forces in the name of religion. Creation of Bangladesh reduced Pakistan population to less than the Muslim population residing in India as Indian citizen.

J&K is being exploited by the Anglo-American Bloc to suit their convenience so that Anglo-American Bloc could build their offensive in Gilgit-Baltistan against China. This was the latest calculation of Anglo-American Bloc to keep China defensive. 90% people in J&K are committed to India and majority in POK would prefer India if are given a right to choose their future.

Secularism has united India and its culture had a leading role in strengthening the unity and integration of the country.

Addressing a large gathering of the students and the youth from North-Eastern region, Prof.Bhim Singh said that the CIA and ISI have failed to exploit the new generation in the North-Eastern region and in J&K the enemies of India have realized that India cannot be divided like the USSR or Yugoslavia. The Modi orientation in Indian politics failed to create a divide in the Indian society which can be realized by the latest trends in Indian politics. Delhi and Bihar are the living examples.

Prof.Bhim Singh proposed that peace in the sub-continent is possible only when J&K is reorganized on the basis of its cultural, linguistic and geographical basis. Article 370 shall have to be amended by empowering Parliament of India to legislate in respect of Union List (Constitution of India) leaving State List powers with the Constituent States; Ladakh-Gilgit, Kashmir Valley & Jammu Pradesh (from Muzaffrabad to Kishtwar & Lakhanpur to Banihal).

Sd/-Sudesh Dogra, Political Secretary, Press Release, National Panthers Party, 21st December, 2015, New Delhi

Poll promises of PDP-BJP mere bluffs, failed to deliver: Mir

Bani (Kathua), December 16: Describing Congress Party as an instrument of service to the people and having always worked for upliftment and well being of the people keeping aside their caste, colour, region or religion, JKPCC Chief Mr. Ghulam Ahmed Mir said that Congress Party has always defeated the autocratic behavior of those who believe in suppressing or oppressing and victimizing the masses or opponents while in power.

He said that Bani is a remote and far-flung area of the state where people are facing great hardships on account of healthcare, education, road connectivity, power & drinking water facilities and said that the such areas should get special attention of the government to provide adequate basic facilities to the people in all spheres of life, but it is unfortunate that the present coalition government has neglected Bani area in every sphere of life and people are left on the mercy of God. He said that there is a vast tourism potential in Bani area, which need to be exploited fully to bring economic upliftment of the people of the area.

PCC Chief said that the poll promises of BJP and PDP have proved to be mere bluffs and people are fed up with the policies and sheer opportunism of two parties. Both the parties took the extreme positions on most of the emotional issues and exploited their respective constituencies to the hilt, with a false and deceptive promise to keep each other out of power, if voted in strength. The people could not see through their tactical game plan and gave BJP an unprecedented strength in Jammu while PDP gained on these slogans in Kashmir. What happened thereafter, when the two parties took a complete U-turn on their respective positions and promises to the people made during elections, as a result the people feel betrayed and cheated. The people want to teach both the parties, a lesson, for having taken their sentiments and emotions for a ride, in order to enter the corridors of power.

He (Sham) said that the Prime Minister Narinder Modi spread falsehood about the Congress party and UPA but soon the people in different parts have felt that the elections slogans were coined as mere ‘Jumlas’ and the BJP government has failed to fulfill even a single promise. Instead of ‘Achhe Din’, people now want return of old days, as the prices of all essential commodities have been touching the record highest rates so far and government has utterly failed to provide the ration as per old scales to each family as per 2001 censes, while its misleading people of the state on the claim of providing ration as per 2011 censes.

Secretary, Office, Press & Publicity, Jammu & Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee, 5-Maulana Azad Road, Srinagar, 0194-2455006, 0194-2486230, e-mail ID:

JKLF- has given a cautious welcome to the Swraj-Sharif Meeting in Islamabad

London- 9 December 2015: The Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front-JKLF- has given a cautious welcome to the meeting in Islamabad today between the Indian foreign minister Mrs Sushma Sawaj and Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr Nawaz Sharif in a statement issued her in London today. JKLF's head of Diplomatic affairs Professor Zafar Khan said that the JKLF cautiously welcomed the meeting at this level between India and Pakistan and, hoped that both countries will engage with each other and with the pro freedom leadership purposefully, to secure a lasting and peaceful resolution of the sixty eight year old dispute. He reiterated JKLF's position that Kashmir is not a territorial dispute between India and Pakistan and that both countries owed it to the future peace and prosperity of 1.5 billion people of India, Pakistan and Jammu Kashmir to find a just, democratic and peaceful resolution of the Kashmir dispute, based on the unfettered, inherent and inalienable right to self-determination of 20 million Kashmiris across the LoC and in the Diaspora. Zafar Khan added that without a shadow of doubt peace is the only option over Kashmir, and Kashmiris are ready to play their part in the process and, needed partners to engage with, for a solution of the future political status of their country. He urged India and Pakistan to seize the opportunity and make a unified and free Kashmir, a bridge of friendship, peace and lasting prosperity for South Asia.

Mahmoud Hussain, Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front-JKLF, Diplomatic Bureau, 119-123 Cannon Street Road, (Basement North), London, E1 2LX, Email:, Mobile: 07956400834

Bhim Singh seeks clarification from PM Modi On J&K’s constitutional status with Union

Addressing the national committee of State Legal Aid Committee organized to determine the position of the Union Govt. of India headed by Shri Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, Prof.Bhim Singh, Executive Chairman of the State Legal Aid Committee and a Sr. Advocate in the Supreme Court sought clarification from Prime Minister Modi on the constitutional status of the State of J&K as it existed in 1947 under the sovereignty of Dogra rulers. Prof.Bhim Singh expressed shock on the attitude of Modi and his government on its complete surrender to the Anglo-American Bloc so far as the constitutional status of J&K is concerned.

Prof.Bhim Singh while addressing the eminent lawyers from different parts of the country said that Article 370 was inserted in the Constitution of India by keeping J&K out of the constitutional map of the Union in 1950. He said Maharaja Hari Singh signed Instrument of Accession on 26th October, 1947 and merged the State with the Union of India. This was an international conspiracy to keep Jammu and Kashmir away from the Union of India. He said that the Congress leadership played in the hands of international conspirators and worked out the Indian leadership to the CIA strategy to keep J&K away from India. He asked why J&K was not integrated with the Union in 1950 and why it was delayed till 1952 when Sheikh Abdullah conspired with the CIA and the US lobby to dissect J&K from the rest of the country (India).

Prof.Bhim Singh said that Sheikh Abdullah apologized for his blunder and surrendered before Mrs. Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India in 1975 accepting job of a Chief Minister under Delhi’s command. He said that Article 370 became irrelevant and non-existent after Sheikh Abdullah signed a surrender document called ‘alliance with Delhi' in 1975. He said that Article 370 should have been declared void in 1975 itself. He said that international conspirators including the western powers including the USA wanted to establish an international platform in the region to keep a check on China. This was the reason that the USA had managed most of the communal and sectarian leadership in India and Pakistan.

Prof.Bhim Singh said that a statement made by the eldest son of Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah and the former Chief Minister of J&K saying that entire POK including Gilgit + Baltistan form legitimate part of Pakistan is a stand of National Conference after Sheikh Abdullah. The PDP and J&K Congress have been splinter groups in the state working as agents of the Anglo-American interest under the guidance of CIA.

Prof.Bhim Singh accused Prime Minister Modi for acting as a stooge in the hands of the Anglo-American lobby and help them create a situation to enable the country to allow Kashmir to be segregated from the rest of the country. Prof.Bhim Singh expressed shock and disappointment on the silence of the so-called nationalist political parties like Congress and Communist Bloc for keeping silent over the present situation which has been incited now by the son of former NC leader Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah.

Prof.Bhim Singh said that J&K including Gilgit +Baltistan form integral part of the Union of India being constituent of the former State of J&K under Maharaja Hari Singh. He demanded immediate dismissal of the present Assembly in J&K as well as the Assembly in Gilgit-Baltistan so that the people shall elect the governments according to the rule of law. So that the people may vote without any pressure or coercion as is provided in the Constitution of India. The Parliament should amend Article 370 without any delay so as to make a declare to the world that J&K is integral part of the Union of India. J&K has to be reorganized in the sense that the Ladakh + Gilgit are declared as northern state (J&K), Kashmir State and Dogra-Pahari State comprising of entire POK and Jammu province. Let Parliament take this step with courage and sincerity. The only way out to save India from any threat within or from outside by the enemies of peace and humanity.

Sd/-Sudesh Dogra, Political Secretary, National Panthers Party, 30th November, 2015, New Delhi

Centre's package will change JK's economic landscape: Zulfkar

RAJOURI, NOVEMBER 19 : Minister for Consumer Affairs & Public Distribution, Department and Tribal Affairs, Choudhary Zulfkar Ali, said on Wednesday that the Prime Minister's reconstruction package will change the economic landscape of Jammu and Kashmir.

Directing the administration to brace up for the challenges ahead, Mr Chaudhary said the government will not tolerate any excuses of lack of funds as there will be adequate cash flow for various development projects announced in over Rs 80,000 crore economic package announced by the Centre for J&K.

"We should set new benchmarks in development which will be reminiscent of the transformation that took place between 2002 and 2005 under Mufti Mohammad Sayeed saheb," Zulfkar said in a meeting at Rajouri yesterday.

Highlighting the importance of single line administration championed by Mr Sayeed, Zulfkar said it has happened for the first time that a chief minister chaired the meetings of all the District Development Boards and advisory boards.

"It speaks volumes about Mufti saheb's seriousness and sincerity of purpose towards public issues. Now it is up to you to implement the decisions taken in Board meetings on the ground in true spirit," the minister said.

Delhi wants Tunnel to Chenab Valley funded by Japan: Saroori

Kishtwar, November 13: - Union government has agreed to the state proposal for having a tunnel to connect the Chenab Valley with Srinagar and is exploring the possibility of funding it through Japan International Corporation Agency.

This was said by Congress Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) from Inderwal, G. M Saroori today while touring to Mugalmaidan, Chatroo and Singpora areas of Sub-division Chatroo in district Kishtwar.

Saroori said that from years together there is a hue and cry for the betterment of road in our Chenab valley especially (Batote-Kishtwar, Kishtwar-Sinthan). Every day we are facing a tragic nightmare and losing a precious life, the way we are hearing about the development of road in other state, but in our case we have to eat humble pie where roads are merely turned into the death trap

He said that the tunnel between Singpora (Chatroo Kishtwar) and Vailoo (Kokernag) would reduce the distance from 50 kms to 5.50 kms and make the Kokernag-Kishtwar road accessible throughout the year.

En-route to tunnel point of Singpora Chatroo-Vailoo, various deputations and individuals met with MLA Saroori and apprised him about the problems being confronted to them. The locals projected various demands which include electricity for un-electrified villages, better drinking water facility, early payment of MGNREGA job card holders for the year 2014-15 and early completion of uncompleted roads. Responding to the demands Saroori issued on-the-spot directions to the officers accompanied to him, for attending to them on priority and their early redressal regarding supply of drinking water and roads issues. Regarding MGNREGA payment, Saroori assured the job card holders that by ending December 2014-15 MGNREGA liabilities will be cleared in Inderwal constituency and said that the liability of 2013-14 is already cleared by the department few days back.

Saroori said all the un-electrified villages of Inderwal constituency will get electricity under RGGVY phase II schemes. The scheme is sanctioned by UPA II and Rs 100 crores stands sanctioned for the said schemes but from the last one year the PDP-BJP government failed to give the work to any contractor. He said during last Assembly session the government has assured that within two months either government will give contract to any contractor or Power development corporation will do the work by themselves.

Priority is also given to the supply of safe drinking water, road connectivity and power supply to hamlets and villages uncovered till date so that the people living in these areas are provided with basic amenities. He also directed Tehsil Supply Officer Chatroo for ensuring adequate supply of ration in Sigdi, Kuchal, Passarkote, Mugalmaidan, Chatroo, Chingam, Dadpeth, Tagood, Durbeel and other adjoining areas for the convenience of the people of the area.

Saroori Office,, 13 Nov. 2015

Over five thousand Congress workers participate in Secretariate Gherao call

Jammu, November 09, 2015: A massive protest demonstration was held by the Congress party in Jammu today as part of its Secretirate Gherao call coinciding with the opening day of Darbar in Jammu, in which more than five thousand Congress workers from all over Jammu province participated and courted arrest led by JKPCC President Shri Ghulam Ahmed Mir & other top brass of the party including Senior leaders & functionaries of PCC, Legislators (MLAs & MLCs), DCCs and leaders of frontal organizations and Block Committees of the party.

A large number of Congress leaders and workers from all parts of Jammu province assembled at the Maharaja Hari Singh Park near Jewel Chowk in the morning including Mahila Congress, Youth Congress, NSUI, INTUC & Seva Dal, functionaries of different District and Block Committees, contested candidates, former legislators, Sarpanchs & Panchs and Ex-Corporators of the party.

Led by PCC President Shri Ghulam Ahmed Mir, top brass of the party including former Deputy Chief Minister, former MP, former Ministers and legislators marched towards Civil Secretirate Jammu raising slogans against the PDP-BJP government in the state and centre government.

They protesters were carrying party flags and placards highlighting various issues like price rise, yatra tax on Vaishno Devi pilgrims, religious intolerance, failure to provide adequate relief & rehabilitation package to border residents, refugees and displaced persons from POK & west Pakistan and farmers, denial of fullfledged AIIMS to Jammu, anti reservation & anti youth polices of the government, enhancement of power tariff & long unscheduled power cuts, issues of daily wagers, causal workers NYC & failure of the government to ensure regular and timely payment of salaries and other claims to the employees and pensioners, failure to provide ration as per scale, stopping the practice of summer Secretirate in Jammu and disempowerment of elected Panchayats were among various issues highlighted by the protestors as failures of the state and the centre government on all fronts.

A heavy contingent of police including lady police forcibly prevented the senior Congress leaders and workers from proceeding ahead near Bus Stand Jammu as result they held a dharna at the site raising anti PDP-BJP slogans. After over one hour the police detained and arrested the top ranking leaders & workers of the party and were taken to Police lines Gandhi Nagar, Jammu. All the protestors offered court arrest and stopped the police vehicles for some time from proceeding towards District Police Lines. The police used mild force to disperse the huge crowed of workers in order to carry the Congress leaders to the Police lines.

Congratulating the people of Bihar and the leadership of the Congress party and Mahagathbandan for the land slide victory, Mr. Mir said the verdict of Bihar is a referendum against the wrong polices of the Modi government and the atmosphere of religious intolerance created in the country by the BJP and its sister concerns to polarize the Indian society. He (Mir) said that secularism and religious tolerance is the greatest asset of this country and the path shown by our great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru and other stalwarts is the only way to maintain peace, unity and integrity of this country.

Secretary Office,Press & Publicity, Jammu & Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee, 9 November 2015

Where Modi blundered while addressing public rally in Srinagar on 7th November, 2015 by Prof.Bhim Singh

The people of this country were eagerly waiting for the message of the Indian Prime Minister when he addressed a public rally on 7th November, 2015 this year from Srinagar, Kashmir. Not only the people of India but people of Pakistan and POK in particular were betting on Modi's message to strengthen Indo-Pak ties and continuation of talks as were agreed in the Shimla Agreement in 1972 signed by Mrs. Indira Gandhi and Jenab Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. Clause 6 of the Agreement has laid down that the Prime Ministers of the two countries shall meet frequently to seek final resolution of the situation.

Prime Minister Modi used his rhetoric voice trying to raise emotional surcharge but without touching the substance or the existing realities. His announcement at the end of speech that he had brought Rs.80,000 crores for J&K was received by artificial cheers, naturally so, because half of the audience were hired or the serving employees in different departments. This was so that the people wanted to attend Prime Minister's rally dared not come out of their houses because entire Valley was curfew bound. The trains from Banihal to Qazigund, Qazigund to Baramullah were stemmed off for two days. There was no surface transport available for a common man. All offices and educational institutions were shut. I remember that a call for Hartal in Srinagar was even by angry Kashmiri leaders during the visit of the then Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh. I and many other invitees drove from the Airport to the Guest House to attend the meeting chaired by the Prime Minister. The government was instructed from Delhi that the Prime Minister would not allow a state curfew to help the boycott. It was a different story which was carried by every media person and newspaper that entire Valley was shut because of the state action. It was state sponsored bandh in other words.

The Prime Minister failed to congratulate the Indian Army which has been playing a most constructive role, manning the borders, making sacrifices by laying down their lives for the sake of the nation. The Prime Minister forgot to say a word about the Indian Army which is taking care of the snow covered hills and Siachin glacier. The other blunder Prime Minister committed was his failure to congratulate the people of J&K for showing resistance to the militants and the terrorists. These were the people of J&K who resisted Pakistani aggression in 1947 and defeated terrorism through their constant and consistent resistance for nearly 25 years.

The Prime Minister's another blunder was to ignore Jammu Pradesh and the problems the people of Jammu Pradesh have been facing right since 1947. He failed to mention the plight of the Jammu Migrants while he did mention the Kashmiri Migrants in his Ramban speech, though casually. The Jammu Migrants have been suffering on the roads, not given any relief by the Central or the State government since 2000. The High Court of J&K and Supreme Court of India ordered J&K government and Govt. of India to pay relief to Jammu Migrants at par with Kashmiri Migrants. It never happened. The Prime Minister promised these migrants during his election campaign in Jammu Pradesh that he shall redress their problems if they voted for him. They voted and the Prime Minister did not care even to mention their plight.

Besides there are nearly 15 lac POK and Pak refugees rotting, sulking and starving in different parts of Jammu Pradesh. The Pakistani refugees nearly one lac have not been given any fundamental rights in J&K because they are not citizens of J&K though born in J&K since 1947. The POK refugees were promised comprehensive settlement. 68 years are over. Third generation is continuing in the same pain and agony. Prime Minister could not find even a word to express his sympathy with them. Entire Jammu and Kathua are facing wrath of Pakistani shelling from across international border with Pakistan. Thousands of people have become shelterless. The children have no schools, the farmers cannot go their fields. They have no shelter to keep their families. Prime Minister could not remember them as well. Prime Minister promised about Rs.5,000 crores for the roads, good paved roads for the Indian and foreign tourists going to the Valley. Prime Minister could not remember or was not informed that there are unknown destinations, most beautiful, attractive where the people do not have shoes to wear or food to eat. They live on 'sattoos' (barley) and these places are known to everybody'Marwah, Dachhan, Warwan. There are no roads to reach there. The human beings live a life of cattle. And these places are in Jammu Pradesh in Kishtwar district. The Prime Minister should have been informed that there is a sensitive area in Jammu Pradesh, Poonch which is nearly 250 kms. (west) from Jammu. It takes more than 10 hours to reach there. When Prime Minister declares Udhampur-Banihal road leading to the Valley, why and how he forgot the plight of people of Rajouri and Poonch. They also needed road. They are also citizens of India and facing continues shelling and threats from across the LoC. Was it not blunder on the part of Prime Minister to ignore Poonch-Rajouri.

The most political issue confronting the people of J&K is delimitation of the Assembly constituencies. Kashmir Valley has 46 seats whereas Jammu Pradesh has only 37. The area of Jammu Pradesh is 28,000 sq. kms. as compared to the Valley which has its area of 13,000 sq. kms. The number of electorates in both the provinces is almost same. Delimitation was held throughout India after 2001 census. Why J&K was ignored' Is it not integral part of India' Why Prime Minister ignored this issue'

The Prime Minister yet committed another blunder that he failed to congratulate the people of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh for their unique spirit to live in mutual co-existence. The people of J&K are wedded to the composite culture for thousands of years. The Prime Minister did not spare a word to congratulate the people. It is Jammu and Kashmir which is a Muslim majority state yet we have got great holy places like, Shri Amarnath Cave, Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine, Kheer Bhawani, Chhati Badshahi, Shankeracharya Temple, Hazratbal. The Prime Minister failed to appreciate the existing situation and the aspirations of the people of Jammu Pradesh, Kashmir Valley and Ladakh regions. Prime Minister should show his wisdom and courage by declaring let the people of Jammu Pradesh have their state, so Kashmir Valley and Ladakh.

Alas! The Prime Minister Modi dared not say 'Jai Hind' after his speech and that was an unfortunate message.

Bhim Singh, (Sr. Advocate & Chief Patron of National Panthers Party), 9th November, 2015, New Delhi

JKSSRB Protest in Kargil
JKSSRB Protest in Kargil

JKSSRB Aspirant of Kargil demands postponement of Exam or Examination Center in Ladakh

Kargil, 07 Nov: A massive peaceful protest demonstration was carried out by more than 300 JKSSRB aspirants of Kargil by blocking the traffic in the main market from afternoon today. They were demanding the postponement of Jkssrb exam which is scheduled to be held in Srinagar-Jammmu tomorrow. They also raised slogans against the district administration for failing to convince the JKSSRB chairman to postpone the examination to be conducted by JKSSRB in Srinagar on 08-11-2015. It is pertinent to mention here that the highway which connects Ladakh region with the rest has been closed due to heavy snowfall on Zojila pass, for the last one week. Despite all the efforts of the aspirants, the district administration, LAHDC Kargil, MLA's and MLC did not feel it necessary to make any genuine efforts to provide air facilities to the stranded aspirants nor did they tried to represent before the Chairman JKSSRB to provide an examination centre at Leh/Kargil. Because of the callous attitude of the administration, future of these students are in peril as many of them have been preparing only for the aforesaid examination for the last three years. Till last report came, the traffic in main market was stopped as no one representative from the Govt. came to hear their grievances. 7 November 2015

PRESS RELEASE: Massive PYC Yuva Akrosh Yatra in Baramulla Town

SRINAGAR/JAMMU, November 02, 2015.

After receiving a huge response from the public in Jammu and Ladakh provinces of the state during the first and second phase, 'Yuva Akrosh Yatra' a mass movement organised by Pradesh Youth Congress, against the growing unemployment and other youth related issues, has reached to Kashmir Valley for the final phase of the Yatra. Through this mass movement, PYC urged the government to abolish the new recruitment 2015 policy and adopt fair and merit based policy to recruit the youth. Also, this Yatra is aimed at expressing solidarity with the thousands of daily wagers and NYCs and ITI trained youth across the state.

Pranav Shagotra State President, Sh. Ghulam Nabi Monga, MLC and Vice President JKPCC, Sh. Shaib Nabi Lone, former MLA and Gen. Secretary JKPCC, Nasir Ahmed Mir, Gen. Sec. PYC, Mir Iqbal LYC President Barmulla led the rally in Barmulla. Hundreds of students and youth joined the Yatra and marched in the different parts of towns raising slogans against the BJP-PDP government. Senior Congress Leader Ghulam Nabi Monga, addressed the Yatra.

p>Addressing the gathering, Pranav Shagotra, PYC Chief said that, by introducing the latest Recruitment Policy 2015, under which one has work for the first five years as a contractual employee on lesser wages, a great harm has been done to the careers of the educated youth of the state. 'It is a great injustice and the government should not play with the careers of the youth' PYC Chief strongly urged the government for scraping of this draconian policy and added that 'this is an anti-youth recruitment policy and a total deviation from the promises that were made by PDP and BJP leaders during their election campaign.

Sh. Gulam Nabi Monga, MLC exhorted upon the youth of the state to stand up and get united against this government of political cheaters and added that BJP and PDP have committed the worst kind of political cheating with their electorates in their respective constituencies. They promised sky and especially they exploited the sentiment of the youth by raising their hopes but have forgotten after forming the government.

He further added that, the Prime Minster of India, Sh. Narinder Modi promised many packages including the employment package for youth during his election campaigns but have never given any thing for the welfare of the youth of the state so far. BJP has proved to be a 'Chunavi Jumla' party and PDP is busy in appeasing the separatists and antinational elements with support from BJP

Demanding an apology from the BJP, Congress leader PYC Chief Pranav Shgotra said that action must be initiated against those who have been continuously making inflammatory statements. He further stated that if BJP believes in any political ethics, than this party has to drop rabid politicians like Mr. Naqvi and others who are hell bent upon to polarize this country on communal line.

Press Secretary, Jammu & Kashmir Pradesh Youth Congress, Kashmir HQ: 5-Maulana Azad Road, Srinagar : Jammu HQ: Shaheedi Chowk, Jammu

Congress slams Dy CM for favouring private firm; demands CBI probe

Jammu Oct 28: The Congress today slammed the Deputy CM Nirmal Singh for writing a letter to the then Principal Secretary Power Sandeep Nayak to allot the work of Rs 700 crore solar power project in Kathua in favour of a Chennai based firm India Energy Private ltd without tenders.

Targeting Nirmal over the issue, Congress legislators and leaders Haji Abdul Rashid, G. M Saroori, Mohd Amin Bhat, Ajaz Ahmed Khan, Ch. Akram, Mumtaz Khan, Gulzar Ahmed Wani, Mumtaz Khan, Ab. Majeed Wani, Mahohar Lal, Yogesh Sawhney, Mickey Singh, Naresh Gupta, Sham Lal Bhagat, Ashok Kumar, Aslam Goni, Salman Nizami, Sheikh Mujeeb, Arun Singh Raju in a joint statement said that Dy CM had written a letter for the allotment of work to a private firm, demanding CBI probe.

The congress leaders stressed that the letter raises several doubts, which Nirmal should clarify and asked Why the Dy. CM has not written the letter for the open tenders when the amount is more than 700 crores and why he has not written any letter for other developmental projects?. In the letter of the Dy CM's OSD it reads 'As desired by the Dy CM, Principal Secretary Power is requested to take immediate steps for signing the power purchase agreement with the India Energy Private Ltd so that the 100 MW Solar power plant at Chan Arorian Kathua is executed by the agency.

The leaders demanded a CBI probe over the scam they said such favours involving several private firms have taken place in the few months. Granting of funds for all works without tenders should be probed and the govt must ensure that the private contractors and companies should bid according to the govt guidelines. The contractors are looting the state exchequer with the help of BJP and PDP Ministers. Till the probe not ordered no tenders or allotment should be floated. The leaders further stated that the Dy CM is directly responsible, he now cannot hide behind any argument, no office staff can be used as a shield, Dy CM must introspect and impose the moral censure of quitting the office.

Submitted by Ajaz Ahmed Khan Senior Congress leader J&K , 28th October, 2015

Poonch, Rajouri celebrated 68th J&K's Accession Anniversary

Hundreds of Poonchites assembled this morning in front of the Poonch Raja's Durbar with tri-colour flags fluttering all over Poonch reminding that 68th years' back Poonch (J&K) acceded to the Union of India under the signatures of Maharaja Hari Singh. Jammu and Kashmir including Poonch and Chenani states also became integral part of Bharat on 27th October, 1947.

Prof. Bhim Singh while hoisting the national flag followed by national anthem unfolded 68th years old history and occupation by Pakistan Army for one year from 1947 to 1948. Prof. Bhim Singh paid tributes to the people of Poonch under the leadership of Shri Gulam Qadir Bandey who led the resistance movement against forces of occupation till Pakistan was forced to reiterate. Prof.Bhim Singh also praised the heroic performance of J&K forces under the leadership of Col. Heera Nand Dubey, Capt. Dewan Singh and several others who pushed out Pakistani forces from Poonch. Prof.Bhim Singh also paid tributes to Brig. Pritam Singh who has written a history of victory of the people of Poonch against Pakistani invaders.

Prof.Bhim Singh in Panthers Party message while praising the people of Poonch to maintain brotherhood under the leadership of late Thakur Girdhari Lal, Shri J. M Mir and others said that the people of Jammu Pradesh have suffered for 68 years. Jammu State is the only solution so that the people of Rajouri, Poonch, Doda, may also share fruits of independence. Earlier Ms. Anita Thakur led the national anthem team which, perhaps, was sung for the first time on the Accession Day in Poonch. Ms. Anita Thakur also appeals youth, students and women and the farmers to get ready to make any sacrifice are real freedom which is possible only when Jammu State is established. Later Prof. Bhim Singh also inaugurated the Accession celebrations in Rajouri by unfurling tri-colur flag at Gujjar Mandi where hundreds of people had gathered raising slogans in support of national integration. The District President of Poonch Mr. Ashfaq Rana, praised Maharaja Hari Singh bold decision in the interest of people of the state.

Submitted by Mohinder Manhas, Public Relations Officer, J&Kamp; National Panthers Party, Rajouri /Poonch (J&K)27th October, 2015

Pakistan: Headed for more trouble?

Talk of a 'soft' coup by the Army in Pakistan has been doing the rounds for quite some time now. Seen any way Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has been delivered the knock-out blow by the appointment of Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Nasir Janjua as the PM's National Security Adviser replacing the old war-horse,Sartaj Aziz.That announcement too came while Nawaz Sharif's was in Washington.Janjua, a former Army Commander has taken over from Aziz as NSA.He will advise the Prime Minister on National Security matters, while Aziz will focus his attention on diplomatic matters. That is the official line put out by Islamabad. The reality however, is that Janjua, who will function from the PM's Secretariat will be the new NSA, no matter who says what!

Sadly though Nawaz Sharif will not be able to sleep in peace even in the US,for he had wanted to spend five-days in America, but the Army cut it down to three! To add insult to the injury, the Army decided that Nawaz would be followed to Washington by the Army Chief Gen. Raheel Sharif. Not to be left out, Nawaz Sharif was preceded by ISI Chief Lt. Gen. Rizwan Akhtar and the latter briefed the PM on US-Pak ties on the eve of the visit. The best part of it is that the US was expecting Nawaz Sharif to sign up on a civil nuclear deal. Even there, GHQ Rawalpindi had an objection and therefore, the deal did not see light of the day. Some reports had earlier indicated that Pakistan on being told about a possible nuclear deal to limit their nuclear programme that the US was pushing,went running to Beijing to seek their advice. The Chinese response which was non-committal to begin with, later was more emphatic in saying 'no' as Beijing was also vary of the US getting involved in an area in which their hold is near complete.

What is difficult to comprehend is that both the US and China continue to prop up the Pak military, directly and indirectly despite knowing fully well that the Pak military is doing what it is best at doing; taking Pakistan down the wrong road. With Beijing the motives are slightly clear in that it is developing a client state in Pakistan for its own ulterior motives. The US on the other hand is more difficult to understand. Knowing fully well that Pakistan presents a threat to US interests in South Asia and elsewhere, Washington continues to support the military in Pakistan, with weapons and equipment.

It could be argued that Washington looks at Pakistan through the Afghan lens and has expectation that Islamabad will lead the road to Taliban sitting on the negotiating table with the Afghan government. This expectation has in recent times proved to be a misnomer. with even President Ashraf Ghani realising that Pakistan is not a game changer in Afghanistan, it would have to be the US, but on its own steam. It should be said that Pakistan's efforts to gain, what in the old days, was termed as 'strategic depth' in Afghanistan are a pipe dream. All they are likely to succeed in doing in the current situation is create more chaos in Afghanistan. The situation is complicated because the Taliban is a new monster, under Akhtar Mansoor. While the ISI continues to exercise control through the Quetta and Peshawar Shura, other players like the Islamic State are creating waves that Pakistan cannot handle in the Afghan ocean!

In the domestic arena also Nawaz Sharif faces a difficult situation. Don't worry about other things such as terrorism and the like, his biggest worry is the Army which controls most state institutions, including the judiciary. The military courts are sentencing and hanging people across Pakistan almost on a daily basis. The economy is in bad shape and power shortages are the norm.

Some time ago, Nawaz even publically offered to resign if he was not allowed to function. But will he? While the boxing ring is thus getting smaller for Nawaz Sharif and there is little he can do about it, he will stay a while longer. Nawaz Sharif is not about to hang up his boxing gloves as yet.The question is how long? The issue here is that he is a useful figurehead for the Pak military. Nor does the US want a military man in the chair. Thus, for the time being, Nawaz Sharif is safe. The military in Pakistan is anyway in the driver's chair, therefore it has no reason to walk the talk and be in the forefront tackling the myriad problems that Pakistan faces. If Gen. Raheel Sharif needs a word of advice on governing Pakistan he should turn to former Army Chief and President Gen. Pervez Musharraf. Musharraf was a past master in getting the Army involved in governing Pakistan, but even he failed to provide the necessary impetus required to push the country out of the mess that it was in.

Therefore, Pakistan has a long road ahead; a road paved with thorns, for there are no solutions to the myriad challenges facing the country. There is much that needs to be done and the US could take the lead by supporting Nawaz Sharif and the civilian government over the military's surreptitious creep to take over state institutions in Pakistan. A mere change of guard at the top will not resolve the issues. Thus, PM Sharif and Gen. Raheel Sharif will have to think of other means to save Pakistan!

By Farooq Ganderbali, 27 oct 2015

JKYDF observes 'black day' to mark tribal invasion

Srinagar, 23 October, Jammu and Kashmir Youth Development Forum (JKYDF) today organized a one day seminar on " Disturbance by Tribal Invasion in Kashmir' at SKICC Srinagar .The seminar was organized on 68th anniversary of tribal invasion on Jammu and Kashmir by tribals backed and supported by Pakistan Army. Hundreds people from different walks of life attended the seminar and the speakers have reminded the people of Jammu and Kashmir that it is tribal invasion which has created all problems with regard Kashmir issue and the people of both sides of J&K are paying for it till date. This is the Blackest Day of J&K history and there is no legitimate reason to celebrate this day. Tribal Invasion not only divided the state but laid foundation of sufferings and miseries for the people of both sides. Though separatists using to force people of Kashmir to observe Black Day the Oct 27 which coincides with the arrival of Indian Army in Jammu and Kashmir which is an attempt to make people believe that their problem started after 27th Oct.

A huge funding is being provided to Pro -Pak elements by Pakistan agencies to cover up the misdeeds of Pakistan through such propaganda. The speakers during the seminar highlighted how Tribal militia unleashed reign of terror and unprovoked aggression against people of Jammu and Kashmir violated state's sovereignty. Jammu and Kashmir state is the crown of India and a mosaic of plural identities living in a spirit of peace and brotherhood. 22 October is a call to all peace loving citizens to rise and defeat the communal tacts of Pakistan, said Peer Mohammad Yousf chairman JK Peace Forum. Bilal Ahmad ,Chairman Bulbul shah society for technical education said tribal invasion of Jammu and Kashmir on 22 October 1947 actively supported by the Pakistan Army brought in its wake, horrifying stories of mass Plunder, Vandalism & Rape. Thousands of men women & children were mercilessly butchered in the name of Jihad. Their sufferings of those dark days of 1947 have no parallel in the world History. The day is the Blackest Day because this invasion broke up the state and rendered thousands and lakhs of Hindus and Sikhs as refugees in their own state. Thousands were killed and abducted during the invasion. We have to remember all those who perished during the invasion. We have also to remember that Pakistan broke up the state and captured almost half of it.

The people in the Occupied Jammu and Kashmir are denied all rights of freedom and during these years we have only seen a sham democracy on that side and also the colonization by the Pakistani citizens. This day reminds us of the challenges to the peace, harmony unity and integrity of the state. 22 Oct 1947 was also the beginning of asymmetric war against India. This asymmetric war is continuing till now and devising a befitting response to put an end to this war is a challenge before India and particularly the people of Jammu and Kashmir state. Er Gh Hassan , Chairman HKMCC for taking an initiative which is the need of the hour in these trying circumstances in the state. He said that by observing BLACK DAY on Oct 22, we will pay homage to lakhs of people killed, maimed and looted in 1947 by the invaders. innocent women who were robed, raped, kidnapped, and killed by the raiders in Pakistan occupied Kashmir Er Gh Hassan Said 'During the past, Pakistan agencies used to force and money for Kashmiris through separatists to observe Black Day on October 27 which coincides with the arrival of Indian army in Srinagar. The speakers during the seminar highlighter how Tribal militia unleashed reign of terror and unprovoked aggression against people of Jammu and Kashmir violated state's sovereignty, A number of prominent speakers including Dr Sandeep Mawa chairman J&K Reconciliation Front, Dr Darakshan Indrabi renowed social Activist ,Ajaz Ahmad Social activist, Qayamudin Shaliwati columnist, Advocate Rouf Riyaz , Ghulam Nabi Ex Deputy Commissioner , Advocate Bashir Ahmad , Farooq Ganderbali Chairman JKYDF , Dr Bilal Ahmad , Omer Bhat , Syed Qumarduin Shah Ex. Director Saving Orginisation Post India ,Brazilian football coach Juan Marcos , Khalid Tufail President Watan Parest Front , G.N.Wani former Secretary State Human Rights Commission , Trade Leader Basharat Hussain Bhat, Journalist Ajaz Ahmad , Social activist Mohd Yousf Sheikh, Sarajudin Ahmad Qureshi ,Advocate Abdul Hameed Bhat ,Trade leader Javeed Ahmad Mir and Sarajudin Qureshi Social activist from Pulwama spoke on the occasion.
Submitted by Farooq Ganderbali , 23 October 2015