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Letters for 2003

From: "Dr Sanjay Parva"

Dear Sadiq Sahab,

Even today, as I do on many other days, I felt like having a look on certain photographs of my home. It has been thirteen years now ever since I havenít seen it. God knows for how long would I have to bear the tumultuous loss, and for how long my old father and mother, and near and dear ones will have to fight the colossal sense of homelessness. Every time I look for my home on the Net (it gives me the same thing all over again), I sing Vijay Malla, Dina Nath Nadim, Shameema Dev and Kailash Mehra. Even while I write you this, I sing 'Bhomru Bhomru Sham Rang Bhomru' and as usual I weep in silence since I am at my workplace right now.

Some people tell me I get sentimental at the slightest thought of my home. Who would not? Just yesterday my father, in a very pensive mood, told me that it didn't matter that we lost our home, what actually is painful is that we lost an address. I wish I could have told my father, come, let's go back to it and have the old address we had. "Don't worry," I told him, "we will have a new address." That is a consolation thousands Kashmiri sons have been given to thousands of fathers. I wish something could be done.

When I go through your site, I feel there is an element of genuineness in the same. To some people this might be coming as a surprise since it a Sadiq who is writing it and not a Sanjay. But that doesn't matter. You should speak what is in your heart. I have always held that Kashmir (as desecrated as it stands now) is a result of Indian senselessness in as much it is that of Pakistan. The bastards have gone nuts. Today the limping Indian PM will shake hands with a temperamental Musharraf, and tomorrow he will do an aar-paar ki ladai. They are all kidding, and we all are being victimized, traumatized, and demoralized.

I have writen extensively on this (particularly the emotional aspects on the turmoil) and published in Daily Excelsior, Jammu. Some people tell me my pieces have moved them a lot. I have always written of a M. S. Pandit (Mohd. Sultan Pandit) and a M.S. Pandit (Madhu Sudan Pandit) living together, eating together, laughing together. As of now both are living in isolation, and both are not, I bet, living well; or living the way they did 13 years ago.

Could we develop some platform on these aspects on your site? In this way, we will be doing our bit to heal the emotional derangement arisen as a result of the displacement and unrest.

My kind regards.
Dr Sanjay Parva

Dear Dr. Parva,
Your suggestion is excellent. Please contribute some articles on this issue and ask your friends to do so as well.

"Shahid Dar"

mr sadiq i checked your website and i wouldnt want to comment on that anybody who goes through these pages can understand who your AQAAS are and who are you serving.after reading your views on northern areas of pakistan i can easily say this site is pack of lies and nothing else and i think that first letter(M) in your name stands for mir you are MIR SADIQ of present time.well done keep it up at least you would be enjoying all the luxuries of life and for peole like you that IS the most important thing.

p.s it doesnt matter even if you dont put this letter on this page because i only tried to show you the MIRROR.THANX.SHAHID DAR

Shal Patel

Dear Sir,

A referendum/plebiscite you ask for cannot be held unless it is held under the "legal" agreements of the UN resolution, which states that Pakistan leave from the North Areas and what they refer to Azad Kashmir (although that is a joke considering any Kashmiri on the Pakistani side has no rights and no economic prosperity to look forward to). Unless Pakistan full fils this responsibility a referendum/plebiscite is out of the question.

Additionally, why is there so much "crying" about the human suffering caused by the Indian Security Forces - why dont you look at the cause and effect of the situation - the cause is the Pakistani backed Islamic radicals who refer themselves as martyrs who are terrorizing the citizens of Jammu & Kashmir - the effect is Brutal Indian crack down. I agree that any human suffering is tragic and as such I am totally against it - but sadly in man's history I dont not recall a situation where any military involvement resulted in zero innocent human suffering.

Why would a Kashmiri want to be on the side of a country that has no economic value in the world? Last time I checked Pakistan is bankrupt and if it wasn't for the forgiveness of American owed debt (in the billions) Pakistan would have long crumbled. What future does a Kashmiri have in a repressed nation like Pakistan? A muslim in India has more rights and freedom than any human being in Pakistan. Why do you fail to see this? Will you only learn after experience?

Kashmir is NOT a battle between hindus and muslims - you must be severely paranoid to think so - it is a territorial issue between a secular nation and a nation found under the umbrella of a religion which for its own political ambitions continues to this date terrorizing the citizens of Pok and Jammu & Kashmir. Until the people of Kashmir realize the true designs of Pakistan they will continue to suffer.


Dear Mr. Sadiq,
Today thr a colleague of mine i came to know about this web site. Nice one, keep it up. I suggest to highlight the suffering and agony of all the people of the three regions that contitute J&K.That, I think would be more appropriate & homogenous.
Ravinder Dhar

Mudassar Iqbal

I have visited your site and read it in detail.
Unfortunately your website is protraying only oneside of the picture and that is the Indian side. I don't ask you to take the Pakistani side, but expact that site should be nutral. Your language shows that you are taking the Indian side and trying to show Pakistan as a terrorist state. What do you think people would believe you? I don't think so.
I admit this fact that everybody has his loyality tilted towards one side or the other. But we should no, I repeat we should not mold the facts according to our will.
These are my personal views. No hard feelings.

Dear Mudassar bhai,
No hard feelings at all. You are right to some extent. We all try to project the side we think is right. That is a natural tendency. But I think that anything that sets of a cycle of violence and sorrow ought to be condemned. Terrorism is one of them. I am not trying to project that Pakistan is a terrorist state. Brother, believe me, the whole world thinks Pakistan is a terrorist state. Why did that happen? I think we have to ponder carefully and see what set us on the wrong path.

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