Stop This Nonsense in Kargil

By Hashim Qureshi
29 May 1999

Amsterdam- The Chairman of Jammu Kashmir Democratic Liberation Party Hashim Qureshi has called upon the governments of India and Pakistan to immediately end the Kargil skirmish, which he termed as an act of utter nonsense. Qureshi contended that the Kargil escalation has been initiated for the purpose of increasing bargaining strength at the negotiating table - explaining that Pakistan rulers have put one foot on the table and the other foot on the battlefield jeopardizing the prospects of peace for the whole subcontinent.

He said that the type of adventurism displayed in Kargil was indicative of three factors which are all tied to a possible end game strategy. First, it appears that the action in Kargil is aimed at isolating the region which Pakistan has its eyes on for territorial accession, i.e. the Valley, Doda, Rajouri, and Kargil. He said that this strategy was purely aimed at the division of Jammu & Kashmir and was in keeping with the new policy of Pakistan to demand a plebiscite on a district-wise basis. Second, Qureshi explained that Pakistan was seeking to cut the Srinagar-Leh road, which would isolate Ladakh and while it would increase Indian military logistical expenses and have an effect in the Siachen sector, Qureshi said that India would manage the costs and that the end result would only be making the lives of the people of Kargil and Ladakh a living hell, just as the ill-planned militancy strategies in the Valley have achieved only misery for the people there in the last ten years.

Third, the J&K DLP leader explained that it was ridiculous that Pakistan would initiate this obvious act on the occasion of "Youm Takbir" which indicates once again that Pakistan rulers are using the Kashmir conflict, which is killing Kashmiris, to excite and exploit the sentiments of common people of Pakistan in an effort to draw attention away from Pakistanīs domestic problems in economics and misgovernance. He also argued that the Indian government had over-reacted by using airforces and said that, like the Pakistan rulers, were trying to exploit the people of India. He also pointed out that the fact that the fighters in Kargil were mainly foreigners points to the non-indigenous nature of the recent escalation in Kargil and points to the fact the sons and daughters of the soil will never support any action to divide the state. Hashim Qureshi said that there is no example in Kashmiri history that foreign forces could bring about freedom for Kashmir, he said they always became new oppressors.

J&K DLP Leader blasted out at Pakistan and India for making the whole of J&K a battlefield for their problems, he said that the two countries should fight each other on their own land if they are not ready for peace, and let Kashmir live free from this nonsense.

Hashim Qureshi explained that the need of the day is for all nationalist forces to work together against these plots to divide J&K. He warned Pakistan that Kashmiris would never again be fooled by adventurism and stunts carried out to create false hopes, he expressed his belief that the people of the state have learned hard lessons and would not allow their exploitation by either side ever again.

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