Top Hurriyat Leaders Facing Corruption Charges

What the man on the streets in Srinagar has long suspected is finally being proved - that the top leadership of the Hurriyat Conference is totally corrupt and has amassed fortunes while the ordinary Kashmiri, especially the idealistic youth, have had to die.

What is the Hurriyat? Does it stand for Kashmir?
The Hurriyat claims to speak for all the people of Jammu & Kashmir but is actually a collection of opportunistic leaders who have hijacked the original freedom agenda. Today, the Hurriyat stands for Pakistan and not Jammu & Kashmir. The original organisation fighting for the freedom of Jammu & Kashmir was the JKLF (Jammu & Kashmir Liberation Front), an organisation inspired by the sacrifices of heroes like Maqbul Butt. It was the JKLF that started the present movement in the state.

But what did the Hurriyat Leaders do to the JKLF?
Some leaders of the Hurriyat systematically wiped out the JKLF with Pakistani help. The Jamaatis, especially the Hizbul Mujahideen, killed JKLF cadres. We challenge the Hurriyat leaders to deny this; we challenge their representatives championing human rights in London and New York to refute this. Did you or did you not kill hundreds of JKLF boys in Kashmir during the last 8 years? Did not the Jamaatis also pass information about the JKLF to the Indian security forces so that whoever remained could be finished off? Did Pakistani agencies not stop giving guns to the JKLF and no ammunition either so that the JKLF could do nothing but die?

Why was the JKLF finished off?
Because then the Jamaatis could rule the roost in Kashmir. Because then the Wahabis could destroy the Kashmiri culture and plant the culture of Jamaat e Islami and Pakistan in Kashmir. Today, even Yasin Malik has to seek shelter from the Jamaatis. And what are the Jamaatis and others doing? They are making money.

What are the people saying in Srinagar?
You can visit Syed Ali Shah Gilani's house in the New Airport Road in Srinagar. He is the leader of all the Jamaatis and also has a big say in the running of the Hizbul Mujahideen. You can see that today his house is full of marble. He has so much money that even the exterior wall of his house is covered with marble. But the poor in Srinagar can barely eat. In winter they have no electricity and hardly any food. Is this what the Kashmiri fought for?

Now comes the Big Surprise

J&K Chief Minister, Dr Farooq Abdullah, says yes to the Indian government investigating agency, the Central Bureau of Investigation, an organisation that has unearthed evidence against hundreds of Indian politicians and government officials - and even sent many to jail - to investigate three Hurriyat leaders for corruption and receiving money illegally from abroad in the name of an indigenous movement.

What has the CBI found?
The CBI has found that three prominent leaders of Jammu and Kashmir's All Party Hurriyat Conference (APHC) have been receiving massive funds from foreign sources during the last few years of militant-related violence in the Valley.

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has filed chargesheets against Syed Ali Shah Geelani, Abdul Gani Lone and Maulana Abbas Ansari for violating the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 1976 (FCRA). No charges are there against the chairman of the APHC, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq.

CBI investigations suggest that the Hurriyat leaders received at least Rs 80 crores during the past few years!
Two Hurriyat leaders, Abdul Gani Lone and Maulana Abbas Ansari, have been travelling all over the world and mostly to Delhi on their own. They visited the UK, USA and some countries in the Middle East during the last six years and spent considerable time there. According to the CBI, the Hurriyat leaders and other pro-militant organisations had diverted massive funds raised by Kashmiris, including those in PoK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) and others in the UK and USA for the so called "relief and rehabilitation" of militancy-affected people of the Valley.

Hurriyat in Hawala Transactions?
The arrest of Ashfaq Hussain Lone, a Hizbul Mujahideen activist in Delhi on March 5, 1991, revealed that the Hurriyat is involved in the same money laundering channels that are used by corrupt Indian businessmen. Ashfaq told the CBI that Shahabuddin Gori, who poses as a student of Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi, had given him Rs 16.27 lakh after receiving the money from Shambhu Dayal Sharma alias Guptaji through a hawala transaction.

Bank drafts in three different names totalling Rs 15.5 lakh each, and about Rs 50,000 in cash, were recovered at the instance of Ashfaq from the Jamaat-e-lslami guesthouse in the Chitli Qabar area of Delhi.

The latest CBI probe and the subsequent prosecution of the three prominent Hurriyat leaders follow a formal permission from the Jammu and Kashmir Government. The Union Home Ministry had sought clearance from the Farooq Abdullah Government earlier last month for handing over the case against the Hurriyat leaders for initiating prosecution by the CBI. The J&K Government has decided to give the green signal to permit the prosecution of the three Hurriyat leaders.

The Fortunes of the three Hurriyat Leaders

Syed Ali Shah Gilani:

Abdul Gani Lone

Moulvi Abbas Ansari

This is the real face of the Hurriyat. If these charges are not true let them come out openly and deny them specifically.

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