Maulana Parikh on The Hijacking of IC-814

We all know that a plane bound for Delhi from Kathmandu carrying innocent passengers was hijacked by some Pakistani nationals in the name of Islam in the holy month of Ramzan. The plane went to Amritsar, Lahore, Dubai, picked up food, medicines in the name of humanitarian measures for passengers and even took petrol. However, none of the Islamic nations provided them shelter.

The people fighting Jehad killed a newly married couple and on the next day released 27 passengers including women and children. However, with 160 passengers, the plane remained stranded on Kandahar airport for eight consecutive days. The involvement of the name of Islam, Jehad or Qital alongwith Harkat-ul-Ansar, Lashkar-e-Toiba and Islamic front was totally wrong and needs to be strongly condemned.

A statement in the name of Allah:
In the name of Allah, his book Quran, his prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and companions, we the intelligentsia and justice loving people make a statement strongly condemning, whatsoever have been done in the name of Islam vis-a-vis Jehad. We condemn the cruelty of the people involved in the bloodshed, which is against peace and justice, the very basic nature of Islam.

Killing innocents, Shias, Mirwaiz Maulvi Mohammad Farooq or the disciple of Ali Mian - Prof. Mushirul Hassan, then Vice-Chancellor of Kashmir University or the abduction of our own daughter Rubaiya Sayeed has all been accomplished in the name of Jihad. This all is the handiwork of a miniscule population bent upon maligning the Ummah - the Muslim population all over the world.

An appeal of the oppressed:
Prophet Mohammad, has said, "News take the curse of an oppressed it easily gets accepted as there is no distance (curtain) between him and Allah."

The abduction of innocent passengers in the holy month of Ramzan was totally Un-Islamic. Who has given you the permission to indulge in bloodshed in the name of Islam? Which verse of the holy Quran or which Hadith of the prophet or his companions matches with your action against innocents? What do these innocents had to do with Kashmir? The holy Quran teaches us to treat even the non believers/unbelievers with respect and have instead of hatred so that their mind/heart bend towards Islam. You have played into the hands of forces enmical to Islam by abducting innocent passengers and crew members, who were not against you in manner. This has withdrawn the good will for you from the whole world.

Justice in enmity:
Allah in the verse(Surat) 5 of holy Quran (Al-Maida) Ayat 2

(This Ayat specifically deals with the Pagans, who by way of persecution and hatred had prevented Muslims from access to the sacred Mosque. When Muslims were, re-established in Makkah, some of them wanted to retaliate, who were stopped).

We must not retaliate even evil for evil. Even hatred of the wicked does not justify hostility on the part of the Muslim. We have to help each other in righteousness and piety instead of perpetuating feuds of hatred or enmity.

The Field of DAWAH:
Every human being has a belief with him. We live in India, which is not the land of infidels. It is not even a battlefield. The country has 22 crore Muslims. You people in the name of Jehad have created an atmosphere of bloodshed which has put a blot over our DAWAH (preaching) programme. The blot has come over Islam. You have adopted a very wrong stance in the name of Islam and Jehad. In order to justify these actions, dozens of group have been created and you are fighting a political issue in the name of Jehad. You have misquoted Allah and his prophet and the consequence of such persons have been quoted in Verse 39 (AZ - ZUMAR) Ayat 39 of holy Quran.

In the name of Allah and his prophet we request you do not to distort the face of Islam. Don't create the situation when the world may start hating Islam and its tenets. Your means of violence has put a blot on the luminous sheet of Islam. The blot has been put over you at Kathmandu, Kandahar and Dubai. Beware of Allah and stop your hands from doing injustice.

Allah hates cruelty/Atrocities:
All Indian brothers, I felt pained at the hijacking and the torture of the innocents in the hands of some people, who don't have anything to do with Islam. They are small groups believing in anarchy and violence. They have nothing to do with Islamic Dawah. Due to wrong beliefs and notions they don't have any position among the Muslim community. We all are sad at their action of hijacking the plane carrying innocent passengers in the holy month of Ramzan. We share the grief and sorrow with the family members of Rupen Katyal, who was killed and other passengers, who were traumatised by the hijackers. Their action was never liked by anyone in this world.

Killing an innocent is equivalent of killing whole humanity:
Allah in his holy book, Quran says,

Political Issue:
Kashmir is a political issue and it exists since last fifty years. Kashmiri Brothers, have you invited anyone to your land through the Dawah programme?

Yours is a dispute of land on which both India and Pakistan has claim. This has been given a name of Jehad. This political issue could be solved through various means hike talks, which should be explored and God willing the issue will have a solution. The world has means to solve conflicts and Islam has its own. As a Muslim, you should have taken care of not involving the innocent/oppressed passengers in a conflict between Delhi and Srinagar. This has further alienated you and has made the issue highly complex.

The hijacking issue has lost all the goodwill and sympathy for you from the whole world. In the name of Allah, we request you to mend your ways. These are various means to end the conflict. Violence and bloodshed will not lead us anywhere. Instead this will project Muslims as well as Islam in bad light.

An Appeal for Delhi:
The justice and peace loving Muslim organisations have condemned the hijacking. We request the Government of India that an effort should be made to bring Kashmiris, who are citizens of India, closer to the mainstream. We Indians, living in the land of Gandhi are justice loving people and a tit for tat policy is not our way of life. I also appeal to the Prime Minister of India to consult peace loving people and instead of using force and dreaded measures, which will be self defeating.

Date: 2 February 2000

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