February 2017 News

Jammu, Not Kashmir, Is Journalism Hub

5 February 2017
Kashmir Reader
Nazir Gillo

Srinagar: Contrary to popular perception that Kashmir is the hotbed of journalism, it is Jammu that has the largest number of newspapers and periodicals published in the state. Data revealed by the government says that 368 newspapers and periodicals are currently empanelled with the Department of Information for release of official advertisements, of which Jammu has 201 and the remaining 167 are in Kashmir. Of the total 83 English dailies operating in Jammu and Kashmir, 49 are in Jammu and 34 are in Kashmir. Except Urdu dailies, the total number of which stands at 103 with 74 operating in Kashmir and 26 in Jammu, majority of the other newspapers and periodicals, including Hindi dailies, Hindi weeklies, Dogri dailies, English weeklies, Dogri weeklies, English fortnightlies, and Hindi monthlies, are published in Jammu province of the state. There are 20 Hindi dailies (all in Jammu), 2 Kashmiri dailies (all in Kashmir), 1 Dogri daily (in Jammu), 34 English weeklies (23 in Jammu-11 in Kashmir), 9 Hindi weeklies (8 in Jammu-1 in Kashmir), 78 Urdu weeklies (42 in Jammu-39 in Kashmir), 1 Kashmiri weekly, 2 Dogri weeklies, 3 Urdu Bi-Weeklies (in Jammu), 9 English fortnightlies (7 in Jammu-2 in Kashmir), 5 Urdu fortnightlies (all in Jammu), 8 Hindi fortnightlies (all in Jammu), one Punjabi fortnightly (in Jammu), 8 English monthlies (5 in Jammu-3 in Kashmir), 2 Hindi monthlies (all in Jammu), 1 Urdu monthly (in Jammu) and 1 Punjabi monthly (in Jammu) published in the state. As the annual advertisement budget, currently at about Rs 30 crore, is expected to go up substantially during the next fiscal, following the 50% hike in advertisement rates for newspapers and periodicals announced by Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti recently, Jammu province is expected to have the lion's share in the advertisements and notices put out by the government.