January 2017 News

Govt Blames Unrest For Power Crisis

25 January 2017
Rising Kashmir
Ishfaq Naseem

Srinagar: The government has blamed the current power crises on the unrest in Kashmir stating that due to turmoil it couldn't upgrade the infrastructure to improve power supply position in Valley. In the Economic Survey, government has noted that not only has the Power Development Department (PDD) suffered losses due to damage to power infrastructure including the distribution transformers, but the infrastructure upgradation couldn't be carried out due to the unrest. The loss on account of damage to transformers has been of Rs 1.07 crores. 'The physical achievement of the upgradation of power transmission and distribution (T&D) infrastructure for the first six months of 2016-17 was of 28.15% against 37.19% during the same period in 2015-16. Financial achievements were of 33.21% as against 40.65% last year. Less progress in physical and financial achievements during first six month of 2016-17 is due to unrest in Valley,' noted the Economic Survey. As per the report, T&D infrastructure required to be upgraded and there was an improvement needed at the transmission capacities of 220-132 KV level, 132-66-33 KV, 66-33-11 KV level and 11-0.04 KV while 4050 MVA transformation capacity was available at 220 KV level, 4503 MVA was available at 132 KV level by the end of year 2015-16. 'The infrastructure available to meet the transmission of estimated demand is not adequate enough in the state,' government noted. The infrastructure capacity required at 220-132 KV level is to meet the anticipated peak demand of 5160MVA, while the shortfall in the gap of 1110 MVA. Likewise, the estimated requirement of transformation capacity at 132-66-33kV level at the end of 12-th plan in 2017 will be 6192 MVA leaving a gap of 1689 MVA and at 66-33-11kV level it will be 7431 MVA leaving a gap of 2242 MVA and at 11-6.6-0.4kV will be 8917 MVA leaving a gap of 2667.05 MVA. The government has laid an emphasis on upgradation of power infrastructure. 'There is an urgent need to upgrade the T&D infrastructure so that future needs can be fulfilled effectively. In the wake of thrust on generation of more power in the state by undertaking the fresh projects, the need for such T&D network needs immediate attention. The infrastructure has to be upgraded in a phased manner to provide the uninterrupted power supply,' notes the economic survey. As per the report, around 9000 MWs capacity generation is under execution under state sector, central sector, out of which 2100 MWs is scheduled to come up by the end of 12th five year plan. 'The state has to prepare evacuation system for this generation during 12th plan period, which is scheduled to come up,' added the report.