January 2017 News

KPs Living In Kashmir Mock At Law Makers

20 January 2017
Greater Kashmir
Abid Bashir

Srinagar: Non-migrant Kashmiri Pandits Friday came down heavily on the J&K lawmakers for passing a resolution in the State legislature for the return of KPs and other migrants stating that the legislators should first pass a resolution seeking permanent settlement of Kashmir issue to avoid 'another exodus.' Majority of the KPs, who preferred not to leave Kashmir in early 1990, are of the belief that the successive regimes couldn't control the further migration of KPs, Muslims and other minority community members, who left their birth place due to 'perpetual strife during the past 27 years.' 'We are not against the return of non-migrant KPs. But is the situation conducive? How many KPs and minority community members left Kashmir during the past 27 years? Did government do anything to prevent it,' said Sanjay Tickoo, a non-migrant KP, who lives in Barbarshah area of Habba Kadal in old Srinagar. Tickoo is one among a few thousand KPs, who preferred to stay put in Kashmir when members of his community were fleeing the Valley in 1990. 'There is a resolution in the Indian Parliament which claims that the part of Kashmir under Pakistan belongs to India. The resolution was passed in 1992, has anything happened?,' said Ticko, who heads the Kashmiri Pandit Sangarsh Samiti(KPSS), a non-migrant KP group. He said that resolutions are nothing but to gain sympathy. 'If law makers are so serious about the return of migrant KPs, then they should first pass the resolution for a political settlement of Kashmir issue once for all so that everybody lives in peace,' Tickoo said. 'What if KPs return and something like 90's re-occurs. No one can rule it out as Kashmir issue continues to linger as a live volcano.' According to the KPSS, only 808 KP families are living in Kashmir at present which comprise of just 4000 souls. Dr Amit Wanchoo, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Space Communications said that the migration of KPs is a historical fact. 'Irony is that Kashmir is losing good brains from our majority community too. Our doctors, engineers, intellectuals are fleeing Kashmir because of the situation. We have seen resolutions being passed in the Assembly since past several decades and their fate is known to everybody,' Wanchoo, also a non-migrant KP said. He said that those who passed the resolution for the return of migrant KPs and other migrants should first answer that where 'their own children are studying.' Chuni Lal Bhat, another non-migrant KP from Indhira Nagar area of Srinagar said that had there been no support from the majority community, it would have been difficult for them to stay in Kashmir. 'It's the miniscule KPs, who preferred to live and die with their Muslim brethren, who kept Kashmiriyat alive. Government has not done anything for us despite several proposals. Not a single Kashmiri is against the return of migrant KPs, but does the situation permit their return,' Bhat said. He said that passing resolutions won't do anything and that there has to be something concrete on ground zero. 'First steps should be taken to improve the situation and we believe above all the core issue should be addressed for a permanent peace so that everybody can live with honour and dignity,' he said. Jagmohan Singh Raina, who heads the All Parties Sikh Coordination Committee(APSCC) said whatever is happening in the Assembly in the name of return of non-migrant KPs, is nothing but a mere drama. 'I believe it is the majority community who has to take a call and can guarantee the return of migrant KPs and other migrants. Legislators are playing to the galleries to score points. Those who moved a resolution couldn't do anything when they were in power,' said Raina.