January 2017 News

Militants Ruling Hearts Of Kashmiris: MLA Langate

3 January 2017
Greater Kashmir
Syed Rizwan Geelani

Srinagar: LA Langate and Awami Itihad Party (AIP) supremo, Er Rashid on Tuesday launched a scathing attack on BJP saying 'the J&K state was ruled by militant commanders like Burhan Wani and Abu Dujana, and not by New Delhi'. He was speaking during the discussion on Kashmir killings after the speaker allowed discussion on the adjournment motion moved by opposition legislators. 'Mere holding debate over Kashmir killing won't resolve Kashmir issue and won't bring back those who lost their lives in during the unrest. Allowing opposition to hold debate over killings is a futile exercise. It won't end the dispute,' he said. He said the 'debates won't help in releasing of youth who are languishing in jails and punishing the accused for killing of innocent people. J&K state was never integral part of India, however government should allow people to take decisions by holding plebiscite.' 'Instead of holding plebiscite, the Government of India has always shown its unrealistic and colonial attitude towards people in J&K state,' he said. He said people who attribute 1987 'rigid elections' to militancy should understand that 'militants like Burhan Wani and Abu Dujana are ruling the hearts of people in Kashmir at a time when the state is ruling through the barrel of gun.' 'Lakhs of people attended Burhan Wani's funeralit should be an eye opener for the government of India and the rest of the world. They should understand that people here don't turn up for funerals of terrorists but they (Burhan) are ruling their hearts,' MLA Langate said. He said few people were witnessed turning up to join funeral prayers of late Mufti Muhammad Sayeed 'while as thousands of people joined funeral of a non state subject militant like Abu Qasim in Kashmir.' 'This is because for Kashmiris no militant is a terrorist,' he said. Taking every member in Lower House to a surprise, Rashid said 'Not New Delhi but militants like Burhan and Abu Dujana were ruling the state.' 'Kashmriris will not beg to impose ban on pellet guns or to revoke PSAs but would press for holding plebiscite in Kashmir which will resolve Kashmir dispute forever,' he said. 'If India believes JK to be its integral part, it must fulfill its promise to hold plebiscite. And I must say that seeking resolution to Kashmir dispute doesn't make anyone a traitor,' he said. Rashid however was marshaled out from the House after indulging in a verbal brawl with the BJP members over his remarks in speech.