January 2017 News

Alienation Growing In J&K: Vohra

2 January 2017
The Hindu
Peerzada Ashiq

Srinagar: As Opposition parties staged protests against the People's Democratic Party-Bharatiya Janata Party government on the first day of the Assembly session this year on Monday, Governor N.N. Vohra warned against 'increasing alienation of youth' and called for an 'early India-Pakistan dialogue'. 'No responsible society can afford to stand by and see the alienation of its youth. A worrying concern is that the younger generation, especially in the Valley, is less engaged civically, exhibits less social trust and confidence and, consequently, has a weaker commitment to the inherited value systems. We need to engage them,' said Mr. Vohra in his speech, which was disrupted by repeated protests by the Opposition parties, including the National Conference and Congress. He said it was important that the 'Indo-Pak dialogue gets resumed early'. 'What has been happening on the streets in the past months in Kashmir is a manifestation of our political problems. New political discourse has to move away from being exclusivist to be effectively inclusive. Unless we act with determination, senseless violence may become a way of life and ruin our future,' the Governor said. Meanwhile, Congress Legislative Party (leader Rigzin Jora said the ruling parties were 'misinforming' the people of the State that the Opposition had 'disrespected' the national anthem in the Assembly. 'There is no question of disrespecting the national anthem,' he said. 'There was din and confusion in the House that the national anthem was almost inaudible and the Governor also walked out from the hall amid confusion and chaos'. 'We as representatives of the Congress will continue to play our role and make the voice of the common man of the State resonate in both houses of Legislature', he said.