March 2016 News

Mehbooba Mufti Accuses N-C, Congress Of 'making Militants Out Of People'

6 March 2016
The Indian Express
Arun Sharma

Vijaypur: A DAY after dropping hints at softening her stand on government formation in coalition with BJP in Jammu Kashmir, PDP President Mehbooba Mufti on Saturday accused National Conference and Congress of making militant commanders and secessionists out of people like Sayeed Salahuddin and Yasin Malik who once wanted to be part of Indian democracy. Salahuddin, whose real name is Syed Mohammed Yusuf Shah, is the head of terrorist outfit Hizbul Mujideen and he is, at present, based in Pakisan. He also heads the Muttahida Jehad Council, an organization of different terrorist outfits. Yasin Malik is chairperson of the Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front which advocates independence to Jammu and Kashmir. Since mid 1990s, he has left the gun and calls for peaceful settlement of Kashmir dispute. 'Mufti sahib used to say that unlike rest of India where one, whether a Hindu, a Muslim, or a Sikh, or a person belonging to Scheduled Caste or Backward Classes can make or unmake Indira Gandhi Prime Minister on the basis of one's vote, this power has got accumulated at one place in Jammu and Kashmir where only one party comes to power every time,' she said addressing a rally after inaugurating party's membership drive here. To provide people of the state an alternate to National Conference, he gave his life strengthening Congress in the Valley, but the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and National Conference leader Farooq Abdullah joined hands restarted a reign of 'loot-khasoot' (corruption), she added. And during 1987 elections, when they felt that a third party is emerging as an alternative to them, they started telling Delhi that it was pro-Pakistan and pro-terrorist. 'Ise thoda chalta hai' (Things do not move like this), the PDP leader said, asking that how one can be a Pakistani when one expresses belief in Indian Constitution and swears by it to enter the Legislative Assembly. 'But they felt threat to their chair and as a result, the one who was contesting elections at that time and could have become a legislator, he is today a commander in Pakistan and from there he is issuing instructions to his people to strike here and there in Kashmir,' she pointed out. 'The second is Yasin Malik and the third one whosoever is, they are all those people who wanted to become part of our country's democracy, but they were not allowed by National Conference and the Congress,' she added. It was the only reason that Mufti Sayeed was compelled to form PDP so as to provide an alternative to people of the state, she said, adding that there had been peace in the state and along the borders and development works initiated when he formed government in alliance with Congress in 2002. However, when Congress took over reins of power from him, it did not carry forward the initiatives taken by him and as a result, situation again started deteriorating, she said, adding that it was Mufti Sahib's dream to ensure peace and prosperity in the state.