February 2016 News

Chidambaram Supported Execution Of My Husband'

25 February 2016
Greater Kashmir

Srinagar: Hours after former Home Minister and Congress leader P Chidambaram said Afzal Guru's case was 'wrongly decided', the family of Afzal said Chidambaram should have issued such a statement earlier so that execution of Guru could have been stopped. Terming Guru's execution as 'murder of justice', Guru's wife Tabassum said Chidambaram has made the statement for 'his vested interest.' 'It is he who supported the execution of my husband that time by acting as mute spectator. Now there is no need to issue such a statement. Everybody is well aware that Afzal was not involved in any attack. Even the final judgment of the Supreme Court that sentenced him to death said he was hanged to satisfy the collective conscience of the Indian society,' Tabassum told local news agency KNS. She said it is better for Indian politicians to 'shut their mouth than creating vote bank in the name Afzal.' 'Chidambaram like people are rubbing salt into our wounds. The so-called democracy of India has been exposed with such tactics. The persons who are involved in execution of my husband are now claiming that his case was wrongly decided,' she said. Praising Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) students for raising their voice against the hanging of her husband, she said: 'Even the college-going children are protesting against the decision. The protest by students is a slap on the face of India which claims to be a democratic country. Muslims are being targeted by one way or another.'