February 2016 News

Mosques Praised 'Mujahids' During Deadly Encounter In Kashmir

23 February 2016
Huffington Post

New Delhi: While Indian security forces were fighting terrorists holed up in the Entrepreneurship Development Institute building in Pampore, loud speakers from local mosques in Kashmir were blaring praise for 'mujahid' (holy warriors). On Tuesday, The Times of India reported that mosques in localities like Frestabal, Drangbal, Kadlabal and Sempora played recordings throughout Monday, eulogizing the militants, and blared slogans such as 'Jaago, jaago subah hui' (Get up, get up, it is morning), Jivey, jivey Pakistan (Live, Live Pakistan) and Hum kya chahatey: azadi (We want independence). Three terrorists were killed in the three-day encounter on the outskirts of Srinagar, which also claimed the lives of five Indian soldiers including two captains. The army believes the terrorists belonged to the Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist organization. While the police could not enter the mosque to stop these recordings, hundreds of youth tried to cross the rivulet neat the government building to prevent the security from launching combat operations against the terrorists, TOI reported. Intelligence agencies believe that these recordings were supplied by Pakistan, an IB source told TOI.