February 2016 News

Hurriyat (G) Reiterates Support To Militant Struggle In Kashmir

21 February 2016
Greater Kashmir

Srinagar: Hurriyat (G) on Sunday reiterated support to the armed struggle in Kashmir by saying that 'Kashmiri nation is indebted to the sacrifices of its bravehearts.' The advisory council said that the armed struggle is an important front of the 'freedom movement of Kashmir and our bravehearts are continuously sacrificing their lives on this front and our nation is indebted to their sacrifices'. By sacrificing 'their present for our future', they put a 'heavy responsibility on us', the statement quoted the advisory council as saying. 'We are bound not to indulge in any such activity which can harm the martyrs' mission for which thousands of people have sacrificed their lives so far,' it said. The members of the advisory council, who met today under the chairmanship of Shabir Ahmad Shah at his Sanat Nagar office, blamed New Delhi for the bloodshed in Kashmir. 'Had India not snatched the freedom rights of the Kashmiris, our beloved children would not had agreed to pickup gun when it was their school and college life. We are purely a peace loving nation and we are struggling for our right to self determination,' said the statement. The participants said that the most needful party for the establishment of peace is the Kashmiri nation. ' but the keys to establish the peace in the region are with India.' 'Until and unless the Kashmiri people are asked their wishes and those wishes are respected, the struggle will continue at every level and at any cost and no power in the world can motivate Kashmiris to compromise on the slavery of India,' said the participants.