February 2016 News

Musharraf Accuses PML-N Govt Of Putting Kashmir On The Back Burner

19 February 2016
Greater Kashmir
Tariq Naqash

Muzaffarabad: Former military ruler General (retired) Pervez Musharraf on Friday accused PML-N government of compromising national security and putting Kashmir issue on the back burner for personal interests. 'Kashmir is running in my veins and I have always given preference to this cause. Unless this issue is resolved, we cannot make progress in relations and talks with India,' he said, in his telephonic address from Karachi to his All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) workers here. The APML workers' assemblage was held here and was attended by party's central secretary general Muhammad Amjad Chaudhary and other leaders. 'The present rulers have sidelined Kashmir issue and they are hoodwinking the people into believing that relations with India are being improved through trade,' Musharraf said. Contrarily, he said, no soldier could forget Kashmir. 'Pakistan army and Pervez Musharraf will never let Kashmiris down as we both love you.' Claiming that Kashmir was nearing settlement 'for the first time in history' in his rule, he dismissed criticism by some quarters that he had sabotaged this cause. 'This (allegation) is ridiculous. It's a barefaced lie,' he said, adding, in fact he had brought India in a defensive position at the international level by presenting a new idea for settlement of Kashmir issue. 'During my tenure I motivated both Azad Kashmir, All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC) and Indian leadership to follow the ideas which I had floated to find an out of the box solution of Kashmir dispute for durable peace in South Asia,' he said. Accusing the PML-N government of selling out Kashmir, he claimed that Kashmir had never figured in India-Pakistan talks and instead the parleys revolved around personal interests of the rulers. 'Pakistan is becoming alienated at the international level, which poses threat to its security,' he said. He stressed upon his workers to work wholeheartedly for party's popularity and include more youth and women in their ranks. 'People want change and we have to provide them hope to bring good days for them,' he said. He said deprivation and sufferings of the public were on the rise, and the basic aim and objective of his party was to make them prosperous and bring the country out of the quagmire. He told his workers that efforts for a greater alliance excluding PML-N and PPP were in final stages. 'We will talk to the various factions of Muslim League to form a joint party with one flag, one symbol and move forward under one leader to contest next general elections to make Pakistan economically stable and prosperous on the planet,' he said. He said he would not refrain from any sacrifice for Pakistan.