January 2016 News

670 KPs Killed In Kashmir Since 1989: KPSS

28 January 2016
Greater Kashmir
Abid Bashir

Srinagar: 670 Kashmiri Pandits have been killed in Kashmir since 1989, a non-migrant Kashmiri Pandit body claimed on Thursday and contested the official figures on such deaths. It said 181 KP members were killed in Governor Jagmohan's rule alone in 1990. The Kashmiri PanditSangarshSamiti-a non-migrant KP organization-also opposed observing January 19 as 'Holocaust- Exodus Day', stating 'we stayed put in Kashmir and faced tough times with our Muslim brethren and the day has no meaning for us.' 'We have framed the first list on KP killings since 1989. From that year to 2015, 670 Kashmiri Pandits have been killed in Kashmir,' KPSS president Sanjay Tickoo told Greater Kashmir. The organization is contesting official figures that suggest only 219 KPs were killed in Kashmir in the past 25 years. 'We have the names and parentage of all 670 members killed,' Tickoo claimed. 'The figures include those killed in massacres at Vandhama, Nadimarg, Sangrampora, Telwani and Mattan.' Elaborating, he said in 1989, only six KPs were killed. 'In 1990, 446 KPs were killed and of this figure, 181 were killed in Governor Jagmohan's rule from January 1990 to May 1990,' Tickoo said. Giving the year-wise break-up, Tickoo said: 78 KPs were killed in 1991, 54 in 1992, 19 in 1993, seven in 1994, one in 1995, two in 1996, seven in 1997, 23 in 1998 (Vandhama massacre), four in 2000, three in 2001, 24 in 2003 (Nadimarg massacre), and one in 2004. 'In 2011, one KP member went missing and there was no killing of any KP member from 2012 to 2015.' The slain, according to KPSS, include 74 women and 18 children aged below 16 years. 'The then government in 1990 failed to protect members of minority community, forcing their migration due to fear,' Tickoo said. The KPSS also distanced itself from the fringe group that observes January 19 as 'Holocaust-Exodus Day.' 'January 19 means nothing for us because we didn't leave Kashmir,' said Tickoo. He demanded an impartial probe by an international organization 'to end confusion on who killed KPs.' He said 2764 KPS are residing in Kashmir.