January 2016 News

Kashmir Tour Operators Seek To Attract Muslim Market

26 January 2016
Greater Kashmir

Srinagar: In the face of decline in leisure tourism, some premier tour companies are marketing religious destinations of Kashmir in Muslim majority areas in India and abroad. CNE Luxury Holidays, Asia Pearl Tourism LLC, Dubai and Pride of Kashmir, Dubai are among the companies which have started market campaign of religious sites of Kashmir among NRIs and Arab nationals in the UAE. 'Most of the general public is not aware about Kashmir having such spiritual places where Sufi saints from Central Asia came around 14th century onwards. We are creating awareness about those places,' said Nasir Shah of CNE Luxury Holidays. 'The Muslim majority of India and UAE are eager to visit such places but need to have great excess of its religious and historical material,' he said. Interestingly, the three companies are planning to market Kashmir as an exclusive Sufi circuit in UAE during Arab Travel Mart (ATM- Dubai) in April and during MATA in Malaysia - Indonesia. The companies have urge Tourism department in Kashmir to prepare comprehensive brochure material with historical and religious details well in time to tap these markets. 'The market is very ripe and we hope Kashmir will grow in pilgrim tourism so that the tour operators do not only have to depend on leisure tourism, if we see a prospect of 5-6 lakh tourists to visit Kashmir initially this will give a boost to our economy,' Sheikh Ashiq of Asia Pearl Tourism LLC, Dubai and Musadiq Shah of Pride of Kashmir, Dubai in a communication from Dubai said. 'We have high hopes that Secretary Tourism, Farooq A Shah whose has the mission of creating Sufi circuit in Kashmir and Director Tourism Kashmir, Mahmood A Shah will extend complete promotional support to this endeavour,' they said.