January 2016 News

Akbar's Remark On Kashmir Meaningless, Unrealistic: Hurriyat (G)

24 January 2016
Rising Kashmir

Srinagar: Terming the statement of BJP MP and journalist M J Akbar that 'freeing Kashmir will amount to surrendering the rights of Indian Muslims' as meaningless and unrealistic, Hurriyat (G) said Sunday said Indian Muslims have themselves opted for this country while s Kashmir was an independent state before the partition. Hurriyat (G) spokesperson said even now 'people of this land have neither agreed to remain with India nor has they accepted the sovereignty of this nation.' The spokesman said holding the people of Jammu and Kashmir as hostage for Indian Muslims is totally against the democratic values and the principles of justice and it also negates those promises which the India and the world community has made with the people of Kashmir. In a statement, Hurriyat (G) spokesman said linking of wishes and the aspirations of Kashmiri people with the rights of the Indian Muslims is just 'blackmailing' and it does not have any constitutional or moral justification. 'Holding a person hostage for the other is itself an injustice and when it is the issue of linking of the future of the Kashmiri people with the rights of the Indian Muslims, then the severity of this injustice increases,' the spokesperson said adding , 'The Indian Muslims have chosen India instead of Pakistan at the time of partition and it was their decision, whether right or wrong. But its punishment cannot be given to the people of that state who were independent even before the partition and who are still waiting for their chance to decide their future.' Terming the statement of BJP leader that 'Kashmir is an inalienable part of India' as a lie, Hurriyat (G) spokesman Ayaz Akbar said that it cannot be presumed about a prominent journalist of India that he is ignorant of the history of Kashmir and he does not know that Kashmir is an internationally acknowledged disputed territory and the decision regarding its future is yet to be determined. 'But he knowingly gave this unrealistic statement and being associated with the ruling BJP, it was necessary as well as a compulsion for him.'