January 2016 News

No Islamic State In Kashmir, Such Talk Helps Defame Freedom Struggle: Hurriyat Chairman

23 January 2016
The Indian Express
Bashaarat Masood

Srinagar: A day after the Islamic State (IS) said it would 'reclaim' Kashmir from India, Hurriyat chairman Syed Ali Shah Geelani said Saturday that the terror outfit has no presence in the region but its statement could provide New Delhi with a tool to 'defame the freedom struggle' of Kashmiris. 'There are no chances of the presence of Daesh (IS) in this region But such statements can provide a tool for India and they will try in every possible way to defame the just and genuine struggle of Kashmiri people,' he said. Questioning the timing of the statement, Geelani said, 'India is trying hard to link the freedom struggle of Kashmir with terrorism and the statement by the Daesh at this moment is very meaningful policy makers of New Delhi have already started to play the Daesh card against Muslim youths in India and now they want to extend this circle to Kashmirto serve as a cover for the atrocities of its forces against innocent and unarmed Kashmiris'. Reacting to the IS statement that Pakistan army has used Kashmir for its own ends, Geelani said Pakistan army has been solidly behind the people and 'freedom struggle' of Kashmir. Geelani termed the IS as a creation of hidden powers and questioned its silence on Palestine, saying, 'If this organisation had right direction and planning, then, being present in the Middle East, its first priority would have been the liberation of the Qibla Awal (Al Aqsa mosque) from Israeli occupation and they would have approached to help the subjugated people of Palestine.'