January 2016 News

Swarup's Statement Ridiculous, Misleading: Hurriyat (G)

16 January 2016
Rising Kashmir

Srinagar: Rejecting the 'integral part' statement of External Affairs Ministry Spokesperson Vikas Swarup about Jammu & Kashmir, Hurriyat (G) termed the statement as 'ridiculous and misleading.' Hurriyat (G) said the entire Jammu & Kashmir is a disputed territory which is waiting for its final resolution since last seven decades. 'Kashmir issue is internationally acknowledged dispute and the whole world is witness to this historic fact that how India under landed its troops in Jammu and Kashmir on 27 October 1947,' Hurriyat (G) spokesperson said in a statement issued here. Hurriyat (G) spokesman said the rulers from Lal Chowk, Srinagar to the Parliament of India and UNO have openly accepted the disputed nature of Kashmir and made promises to the people of Jammu & Kashmir that they will be given a free and fair chance to decide their future but now this country is backtracking from its promises and is using the entire state machinery to 'crush the peaceful and genuine voices of the Kashmiri people.' Terming the statement of the External Affairs Ministry spokesman as far from the historical facts, the Hurriyat Conference (G) said, 'We can't change the facts and realities just by closing our eyes or by restoring to false propagandas. If anybody thinks so, he is living into the fool's paradise.' Hurriyat (G) said Jammu & Kashmir is not any border dispute between India and Pakistan but it is the issue of the future of 15 million human beings living there and they are the only authority to decide on this issue. Hurriyat (G) further said India and its policy makers should bear this thing in mind that the people of Jammu & Kashmir have 'never accepted the control of India over Kashmir and they are fighting for the right to self determination for which Kashmiris have given tremendous sacrifices so far.' Hurriyat (G) spokesperson further said Kashmiri people are struggling for their just and genuine demands and 'no power in the world can stop them in achieving that goal.'