January 2016 News

Power Losses More In Jammu Than Kashmir, Reveals PDD Audit

3 January 2016
Greater Kashmir
Muddasir Ali

Srinagar: Energy losses are more in Jammu as compared to Kashmir, an audit by the Power Development Department has revealed. The audit conducted for the first quarter of the last year by the PDD's Commercial and Survey (C&S) wing has revealed that the Aggregate Technical and Commercial (AT&C) losses were 77 percent in Jammu region as compared to 73 percent in Kashmir. Jammu and Kashmir has 12 and 19 power divisions respectively. A senior official said the audit was ordered by the Government to cross-check the losses communicated by the PDD's EM&RE wings from both Kashmir and Jammu. A copy of the audit report is with Greater Kashmir. The AT&C losses are calculated as the energy pumped into the system minus the revenue realized. The Transmission and Distribution (T&D) losses are taken as part of the AT&C losses. The official said while the EM&RE Jammu had shown the losses at only 63 percent-14 percent less than the actual losses of 77 percent found by the C&S audit in Jammu-authorities in Kashmir had shown these losses at 65 percent. As per the audit report, the total energy pumped into the system in 12 power divisions of Jammu is 10315 lakh units for the first quarter of last year against which the energy billed was 5316 lakh units. However the department, as per the audit, had realized revenue for only 2381 lakhs units which make the total AT&C loses to 77 percent in Jammu region. For 19 divisions of Kashmir, the department had pumped 16272 lakh units of energy against which the energy billed was 7032 units. The department however realized revenue for 4497 lakh, implying the AT&C losses were 73 percent. Another senior official said the Commercial and Survey wing was in the process of completing the audit report about the AT&C losses for 2nd quarter of the last year and it would be submitting the report to the Government soon. The state government has been struggling with high AT&C and Transmission and Distribution (T&D) losses. According to the C&S wing's audit report, the T&D losses calculated in all the 31 power divisions of Jammu and Kashmir were around 54 percent. J&K is the only state where the power losses are the highest in comparison to any other state. Commenting on the issue, Development Commissioner (Power), Sheikh Gul Ayaz said the Department is 'on way' to achieve 100 percent success in establishment of data centers for migration of data from all billing centers to a centralized place. 'Once it is achieved, we will be having the exact details,' he said.