January 2016 News

War Against Terror On A Winning Streak In Jammu And Kashmir

2 January 2016

Srinagar: Twenty-five years on, the war on terror is on a winning track in Jammu and Kashmir. All significant indicators are pointing towards the waning militancy with considerable drop in the killings of security forces personnel and civilians in the terror-related violence in 2015. Police data accessed by the dna reveal that there has been a 17.02 per cent drop in the fatalities of security forces in 2105 compared to 2014. Around 39 security forces men were killed from January 1 to December 28, 2015 compared to 47 in the corresponding period in 2014. Similarly, 106 militants were killed from January 1 to December 28, 2015 compared to 110 in the corresponding period in 2014 registering a drop of 3.64 per cent. Around 67 militants were arrested till December 28 compared to 70 in the same period last year registering the drop of 4.29 per cent. What has brought cheers on the faces of the security establishment is the drop in the killings of civilians in militant violence in 2015.Twenty-two civilians were killed till December 28 2015 compared to 35 last year which shows the decline of 37 per cent. Worrying factor however remains the civilian fatalities during law and order breakdown and the killing of soldiers in cross border firing. Nine security forces men were killed in cross border firing till December 28 2015 compared to four last year which suggests the increase of 125 per cent. Similarly five civilians were killed during law and order problem in 2015 compared to four last year thus registering the increase of 25 per cent. 'Counter terrorist grid continued to maintain dominance and deny any space to terrorists in 2015. Synergised hard-intelligence based joint operations with police and paramilitary forces have been the hallmark. More than100 terrorists have been neutralised, including some top commanders like Abu Qasim of Lashkar-e-Taiba,' said Colonel SD Goswami, defence spokesman at Northern Command Headquarters. Terror incidents have been the mixed bag this year with 28 grenade blasts compared to 22 last year which suggests increase of 22 per cent in 2015. Cross firing too have witnessed a jump of 8.77 per cent with 62 incidents compared to 57 last year. However, there has been sharp decline in bomb blasts and random firing. Against three explosions this year, there were nine in 2014. Similarly, there were 37 incidents of random firing against 50 last year. 'The internal security situation in J&K is stable. The counter terrorism operations are effective and the potential of terrorists has significantly reduced. Consequently, terrorism incidents show a declining trend,' said Colonel Goswami. However, continuing local recruitment in the militant ranks remained a cause of concern for the security forces in 2015. 'Continued dismantling of the terrorist infrastructure has ensured that the terrorist cadres are on the run,' said a security force official.