Mufti Wants Changed System, Not Transfers

8 March 2015
Kashmir Observer

Jammu: Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Syed has decided to defer the reshuffle in police and administration and he is likely not to do it in the first cabinet meet next week as was being contemplated. Sources told KNS the CM has asked administrative secretaries not to worry about their transfers instead focus on the streamlining of the system. 'Mufti has also asked for a list of the officers who have corruption charges against them, indicating that the government may weed out the tainted officers from the system,' they said. A top bureaucrat told KNS that the CM chaired a meeting of administrative secretaries in which he told them that they should not be worried for their transfers as he was not in favour of an immediate reshuffle. 'He (Mufti) told officers to calm down and concentrate on their work. The Chief Minster asked administrative secretaries not to think much about their transfers instead help him in putting the system on track,' he said. 'Mufti wanted to first assess the work and performance of the officers before deciding about their transfers,' he added. Another bureaucrat who was part of the meeting of administrative secretaries with the Chief Minster told KNS that Mufti categorically told all the administrative secretaries that they should not worry for transfers instead should concentrate on setting the system right. Sources maintained that Mufti wants to make sure that officers down to deputy commissioner's level be given some more time to respond to the change. The development could bring relief to most of the bureaucrats who were contemplating reshuffle in the wake of change in political dispensation. Earlier official corridors were abuzz of the rumors that government was preparing for a major rejig in civil and police administration. Meanwhile Chief Minster has appointed B.B Vyas as his principal secretary giving an indication that the postings of the bureaucrats and officers would be purely on merit. Vyas was also principal secretary to Mufti's predecessor Omar Abdullah, and is known for his administrative capabilities and integrity. Will comply with CM's order on release of political prisoners: DGP Jammu: Director General Police (DGP) K Rajendra Kumar Saturday said that the directions passed by the Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed regarding the release of political prisoners in the state who do not face any criminal charge will be implemented in letter and spirit. Addressing a press conference here, he said, 'Whatever direction will come from the government we will comply with those. In the light of the government direction, cases of those political prisoners will be reviewed against whom there are no criminal cases.' Asked whether separatists including Muslim League chief Masrat Alam would be released he evaded the direct answer. 'Let us talk about sports today and let us discuss this issue some other time.' Asked whether the process of releasing political prisoners including Masrat Alam and Deni Mahaz chief Qasim Faktoo has started, he said, 'I would not like to comment on it. We will get back to you. We will come back with our views when we are ready with the blue print.' 'At the moment, we will not be able to say much on that. Let us work on that then we will get back to you,' the DGP added. Asked about the issue of rise in drug abuse in Jammu region, he said, 'We will make all out effort to stop the menace.'