Dialogue, Settlement Of WPRs Can't Go Together: Malik

6 March 2015
Kashmir Reader

Anantnag: Chairman Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front(JKLF) Mohammad Yasin Malik Friday said that dialogue and plans to settle West Pakistan refugees (WPRs) cannot go together. 'On one hand government of India is talking of dialogue with Pakistan and on the other hand it is planning to settle more than four lakh WPRs permanently in Jammu and Kashmir. So we clearly say that no dialogue either with Pakistan or Kashmiris by present regime in centre is acceptable. We can talk of dialogue after the present regime ends,' Malik told a gathering here. Malik warned the central and state governments against going ahead with their plans about settlement of refugees in the state. 'We want to tell the people at helm in centre and state that Kashmiri's will give their blood but won't allow change in the demography of the state,' Malik said. Coming down heavily on the chief minister, Mufti Mohammad Syed, Malik said that Mufti for the lust of power is going to compromise on everything. 'During the election campaigning Mufti asked the people to vote for PDP to keep the BJP at bay but now he is enjoying power with the same party. It is he who is helping the BJP and RSS to implement its agenda in Kashmir,' Malik said. Reacting to the PDPs statement that article 370 will not be touched, Malik said, 'Erosion of Article 370 started way back during G M Sadiq's regime when Mufti was enjoying ministry. Had he been serious in protecting the Article 370 he, being a minister, would not have allowed any amendments in the same. Now the party is trying to justify its wedding with BJP.' He urged the youth to get united for the fight against occupation. 'You should not get divided between independent Kashmir and merger with Pakistan. Our cause is one and that is freedom from Indian occupation. We should get united for this noble cause,' Malik told the gathering. 'Today Mufti and his daughter are announcing on daily basis that they are Indians by heart and conviction. If these people had the courage they should have talked like this during their election campaign and instead of deceiving people in the name of Kashmir resolution should have sought votes from them in the name of India,' he said. 'Today we are hearing from these hypocrites that they will safeguard Article 370 as if it is the only thing for which Kashmiris have rendered sacrifices. The same was done by NC. It started from azadi and ended on saying Article 370 is the honor of Kashmiris. We want to tell these people that Kashmiri people are not fools and they understand their double speak completely,' he said. Malik said that 60 years and sacrifices of thousands of people should be enough to make 'Kashmiri nation understand the ill intentions of India and pro-India politicians.' 'How long will we be deceived by the same people and same kind of tactics over and over again,' he said.