Mufti's Remarks Ridiculous: Hurriyat (G)

2 March 2015
Greater Kashmir

Srinagar: Hurriyat Conference led by Syed Ali Geelani Monday termed as ridiculous the Chief Minister Muhammad Muhammad Sayeed's statement that Hurriyat, Pakistan and militants 'allowed conductive atmosphere for smooth and successful polls in Jammu and Kashmir.' 'Mufti's remarks that huge turnout in the assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir was not possible without conducive and favourable atmosphere created by Hurriyat, Pakistan and militants are unrealistic, ridiculous and shocking,' said Hurriyat (G) spokesman in a statement. He said so far as Hurriyat is concerned, 'its entire leadership and hundreds of activists and associates were arrested and detained for some 45 days before the election drama. They were either jailed or placed under house arrest and thus denied any chance to reach out to the people and present their stand. So commenting on their role in the election drama is unrealistic and unfair and merely a political gimmick.' The spokesman said: 'Mufti has actually tried to create confusion and misunderstanding about the pro-freedom people.' 'The other quarters can themselves explain their position. But as far as the Hurriyat is concerned, it has unambiguous and clear stand regarding the election dramas. Hurriyat doesn't value this process more than a military operation which is held in presence of 7.5 lakh foreign forces. If our leadership and activists would have been allowed to reach out to the people, majority of the people would have boycotted the election drama.' 'Hurriyat is not against any democratic process and it challenges that if free and fair plebiscite is held in Jammu & Kashmir under the supervision of world community to know the wishes and aspirations of the people, pro-India parties will hardly find their address in the state and there is no question of their winning elections,' the spokesman said. Terming as 'huge and Himalayan lie' the Mufti's statement that Kashmiris rejected the two nation theory of Jinnah and acceded to India, the spokesman said, 'India only with the help of its military might has occupied the state of Jammu & Kashmir and as far as the accession is concerned, it is the same agreement like the agreement of Amritsar of 1846 when the Britishers sold the entire population of Jammu & Kashmir to Gulab Singh without knowing the wishes of its people. In 1947 too, only an individual expressed his wish to accede the state to India and he too did not bother about the consent of the people of the state. The people of the state are continuing their struggle for their right to self-determination so that they can announce their decision about their future.' Commenting on advice of the Mufti Sayeed that the pro-freedom people should follow the path of the Sajjad Gani Lone, the spokesman said, 'Hurriyat is representing the sacrifices, sacred blood and aspirations of the people and it is not power hungry. It is struggling for the resolution of the Jammu & Kashmir in accordance with wishes and aspirations of its people and it has nothing to do with the government formation. Sajjad Lone is the son of a pro-freedom leader late Abdul Gani Lone but he (Sajjad) was never a part of freedom struggle. He was always carrying a different ideology. So there is no question of pro-freedom people following his path.'