High Voter Turnout A Defeat For Azadi Camp, Admits Malik

26 February 2015
Kashmir Reader

Srinagar: Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front chairman Mohammad Yasin Malik, who had called for boycott of elections, said on Thursday that huge participation of people in the assembly polls was a defeat for pro-freedom groups. He said the Indian state succeeded in its designs by luring people to polling stations. 'The wisdom of Indian state has defeated us and I accept the defeat. But we will emerge again,' Malik told a press conference. Although he admitted defeat, Malik at the same time said the people came out to vote in large numbers because they were subjected to 'psychological coercion' by pro-India parties and the media who portrayed BJP as a threat. 'The well orchestrated plan was helped by pro India parties, mullahs and journalists alike,' he said. 'The success of BJP which rules India was not in winning seats in Kashmir but in driving its people to vote,' he said while referring to the statement of Narendra Modi that the high turnout in the state was 'the success of democracy'. 'Imperial powers announce victories hundreds of times but history bears testimony to fact that every such announcement gives freedom movements another chance to rebound and fight back,' he said. 'But when the freedom struggle will inflict defeat on India they will have no second chance. And we will defeat them,' Malik added. JKLF Chairman said that India has always used the high voter turnout to justify its rule in Kashmir at the United Nations and the people should introspect on their participation in elections as to how they were misled by pro-India parties who spoke about Azadi and human rights during elections. Malik said the Peoples Democratic Party was created by the Indian state after it realised that National Conference's popularity graph in the Valley was falling. 'People always boycotted elections which was the biggest concern of the Indian state. To counter this growing popularity of boycott calls of pro-freedom groups, India gave PDP a free hand to present themselves as soft-separatists who would speak of human rights violations, Article 370 and other issues,' added Malik. 'Article 370 interests us little but any change in the state subject laws will be resisted tooth and nail. Blood will spill if any change in this law is tried by the Indian state,' he added. Malik accused PDP patron Mufti Sayeed of being the most loyal Indian in Kashmir for paving way for the implementation of Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) and sending Jagmohan to Kashmir to massacre people in Valley. 'Mufti Sayeed turned every police station in Kashmir as a fortress of notorious Task Force (now Special Operations Group). It was in his rule that top commanders of Hizbul Mujahideen were killed and that too was done on his orders,' Malik said. Malik said Mufti's Gupkar residence has been a notorious torture chamber and Mufti has turned it into a place where 'journalists have lunches thrice a year'. 'The man who resides in a house whose walls are drenched in the blood of innocent people has no right to speak of human dignity. I have been to that notorious place for 36 hours, blindfolded and handcuffed,' Malik said. Challenging Mufti Sayeed and Omar Abdullah to contest election against him, Malik said if the elections are held under supervision of a third party, he is ready to face both from the constituencies they have won their seats from. 'Let them fight against me from Islamabad and Beerwah. If they are able to defeat me I will retire from politics,' he said.