PDP Distances Itself From Baig's Remarks

1 February 2015
Rising Kashmir
Rahiba R Parveen

Srinagar: Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) distanced itself from senior party leader and MP, Muzaffar Hussain Baig's controversial remarks over settlement of West Pakistan refugees in Jammu and Kashmir. PDP Chief Spokesman, Naeem Akhtar told Rising Kashmir that Baig's remarks do not reflect party's position on the issue. 'This is his individual opinion and does not reflect the official position of the PDP on the issue,' he clarified. Akhtar said any decision taken on the issue has to conform to the constitution of Jammu and Kashmir. 'The party believes that no decision can be thrust on the state on this issue. This is the exclusive domain and prerogative of the state legislature to take any decision about it. It has to conform to the constitution of Jammu and Kashmir,' he added. Baig had told a local newspaper that settlement of West Pakistan refugees is a humanitarian issue 'and a middle path must be found to give these people a hope'. While PDP and BJP are working on a common minimum programme to form government in the state, both the parties differ on certain issues, including Article 370, Armed Forces Special Powers Act and settlement of West Pakistan refugees. 'There needs to be some middle path. I have a formula that I will share with the party leadership if my advice is sought on the issue,' Beigh had said, adding, 'There are many Bangladeshi Muslims settled in India. At the same time there are many Muslims living in United States, should they be kicked out?'