Kashmiri Netizens Take The Fight To Times Now

29 January 2015
Rising Kashmir
Faisul Yaseen

Srinagar: After the Times Now started *jailthetraitor on Twitter to generate a debate on the issue of arresting separatist leaders, Twitteratis in Kashmir came in open support of the separatists terming them their heroes. Delhi based 'Times Now' news channel started a debate about the arrest of separatists after Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani termed the two Hizbul Mujahideen militants, Abid Hussain Khan and Sheraz Hassan Dar, who were killed in a gunfight at Tral on Tuesday, as martyrs. Following Geelani's statement, 'Times Now' started a hash tag jailthetraitor and the netizens soon started trending it with Indian Twitteratis calling for the arrests of the Kashmiri separatist leaders. Times Now tweeted, 'Separatist Syed Ali Shah Geelani calls terrorists who were killed in Tral encounter 'Martyrs' *JailTheTraitor http:-t.co-dQOmi92RO7.' Following this a number of Indian netizens tweeted calling for the arrest of the senior separatist leader. Adarsh Maheshwari responded with the tweet, 'Modiji arrest them now!!'@TimesNow: Geelani calls terrorists killed in Tral encounter 'Martyrs' *JailTheTraitor.' Another Indian netizen tweeted: '@TimesNow tell them no we cant free Kashmir rather lets combine* Pak once again as Indias State *JailTheTraitor *TraitorGeelani.' Times Now did not restrict the tweets to Geelani though. Another separatist leader, Muhammad Yasin Malik also came under the 'Times Now' tirade. Times Now tweeted, 'Never hijacked relief material and if charges are proven then I will quit politics, says separatist Yasin Malik *JailTheTraitor.' Ratnakar Sadasyula tweeted, 'Hey @timesnow thanks for that *JailTheTraitor on Yasin Malik? Now will u guys stop inviting him to ur studios for interviews or discussions?' Momee Borah tweeted: 'Instead of telling whether *ModiFailsTest or passes, immature media shd raise their voice calling for arrest of Yasin Malik *JailTheTraitor.' Abhijit Gupta tweeted: 'Why Yasin Malik is still nor arrested http:-www.timesnow.tv-Demands-grows-JailTheTraitor-videoshow-4464493.cms *JailTheTraitor.' However, Kashmiri netizens came out in open support of Geelani and other separatist leaders and took the fight to Times Now. Besides, trending *jailthetraitor, Kashmiri netizens also started trending *jailusall. A Kashmiri netizen Haziq Qadri tweeted, 'Caging an octogenarian, who survives on half a kidney, because his stance is unflinching. Shame! *JailUsAll *JailTheTraitor.' Muhammad Faysal tweeted, 'Bhagat Singh was a traitor-Terrorist for the British Imperialists. Geelani is a traitor for India. What's the big deal? *JailTheTraitor.' Faysal also tweeted, 'India's Biggest Terrorist Subash Bose with World's Biggest Terrorist Adolf Hitler *JailTheTraitor.' Yet another Kashmiri netizen Shamil Kashmiri tweeted: 'Baghat Singh, Sukh Dev & Raj Guru. If Twitter was present then, British would tweet *JailTheTraitor Daniyal, another young netizen tweeted: '*JailTheTraitor *JailUsAll *freeKashmir 'You can imprison a man but not a collective ideology' a conviction.' Payami tweeted: 'One who stands up against the true face of world's largest democracy is labelled as terrorist. *JailTheTraitor.' Another Kashmiri netizen tweeted: 'Major Avtar Sigh who was found guilty of murdering HR lawyer JaleesAndrabi was sanctioned high profile life in foriegn land. *JailTheTraitor.'