India Cannot Escape Defeat In Kashmir: Siraj

26 January 2015
The News International

Lahore: Jamaat-e-Islami ameer Sirajul Haq said even if US President Obama and the Zionists all over the world stood behind Indian Prime Minister Modi, they could not save India from a humiliating defeat in occupied Kashmir, something which was now the writing on the wall. He was addressing a large public meeting titled 'Islamic revolution Meeting' at the Sports Stadium in Bhimber, Azad Kashmir Monday, says a report issued by JI headquarters Mansoorah. The JI ameer said Obama should have counseled Modi to stop bloodshed in Held Kashmir and allow Kashmir the right to self-determination guaranteed by UN resolutions. However, he said, Obama had quashed all hopes for peace in the region by giving a pat to Mod and announcing support for India in its bid to become permanent member of UN Security Council. 'However, I would like to ask Islamabad what has it gained by inviting terrorism in our country to please the US and by thrusting a US war on our people', he said, adding, 'Where are all the promises the US has been making to our rulers for the development and prosperity of the country as Obama is backing the arch-rival India to become regional superpower'. He said Pakistani rulers have always been deceived by the enemy and have compromised national interest for a few dollars. He said army chief Raheel Sharif was also answerable to the nation as people of Pakistan had great love for their armed forces. They expected the armed forces to protect them against the enemy and stand by the nation in the struggle for the Kashmir liberation, he said. 'Our people want to see our generals play the role of Muhammad bin Qasim who had led an army to attack a Hindu ruler in this region,' Siraj said. Siraj termed US-India collusion a great threat to the regional peace, and said for fifteen long years, Pakistani rulers had been terming the US war their own war and had plunged the country and the nation into destruction. These rulers were answerable to the masses now because all the problems being faced by the masses were because of this war. Siraj said the 26th of January, the Republic Day of India, had been observed as the Black Day by the people of Kashmir and Pakistan. 'What sort of democracy it is that has been holding more than ten million Kashmiris as slaves on gun point', he asked. He said India had usurped the basic rights of the Kashmiri Muslims. Had Obama been a true a democratic and a lover of peace, he would have advised Modi to implement the UN resolutions on Kashmir and supported the Kashmiris right to self-determination, Siraj said. JI chief said Kashmir should be the top priority in the Pakistan's national policy because the very existence and survival of the country was linked with the liberation of Kashmir. He, however, deplored that the rulers in Islamabad got shaky under outside pressure and if they took two steps forward, they would take four steps backward. However, he said, such a policy could not work anymore. Siraj said the Pakistani rulers could betray the Kashmiris but the brave Pakistani people could not abandon the Kashmiri brethren, and the movement for the liberation of Kashmir would continue till Kashmir became a part of Pakistan. He said people of occupied Kashmir had offered untold sacrifices but had not given up their struggle. Even today, they stood firm against India. But unfortunately, the cowardly rulers in Islamabad had sabotaged the liberation struggle of the Kashmiris. 'Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif claims to be a Kashmiri but he is not doing the duty that devolves on his shoulders as a Kashmiri. The nation can tolerate the petrol crisis, price-hike and loadshedding but it could not tolerate Kashmiris betrayal,' he said. JI Azad Kashmir chief Abdul Rashid Turabi, in his address, said democracy of India was a farce. He said the US support could not save India from a crushing defeat in Kashmir. He said if the US, despite its huge army and Nato forces could be defeated in Afghanistan, India had also been defeated at the hands of Kashmiris, and it seemed the two defeated pawns were trying to support each other.