No Orders For Kashmir Carpets At German Fair

24 January 2015
Kashmir Observer

Srinagar: The Kashmir Chamber of Commerce & Industry (Inc) has expressed concern over poor response to the Kashmir businesses at Domtex Hannover- 2015 fair in Germany. KCC&I President Sheikh Ashiq Ahmad, who visited the fair has reported that the crisis at the handicraft export market especially of silk carpets, witnessed at the Domotex Hannover fair was a matter of grave concern. As per the reports no export orders were received by any exporter from Kashmir participating in the said fair. This was because of appreciation in the value of Indian rupee against Euro which as of now has been up by 10% causing a huge loss to the exporters on the export transaction recoveries, the KCC&I statement said. KCC&I expressed apprehensions that if the current trend continues thousands of carpet weavers and other related artisans would be rendered jobless. KCC&I has invoked authorities to workout some solution that would attract importers from other countries to place orders for Kashmir silk carpets. It has urged upon the Financial Commissioner, Industries & Commerce, J&K to take up the issue with the concerned ministries Govt. of India to provide for attractive export incentives for export of silk carpet so that pricing of carpets is worked out in such a manner that it becomes competitive in the export market. The President KCC&I is taking up the issue in the State Level Bankers Committee (SLBC) for export meeting being held in Jammu on 30th of January 2015, the statement said.