Kashmiri Man Arrested On Terrorism Charges Innocent, Probe Agency

24 January 2015

New Delhi: The National Investigation Agency has filed a chargesheet on the case of Sayed Liyaqat Shah, a resident of Jammu and Kashmir who had been arrested two years ago for allegedly being a member of terror outfit Hizbul Mujahideen. After a two year-long investigation, it was revealed that the charges against the accused had not been proved and he was, in fact, on his way to surrender under the Jammu and Kashmir government's rehabilitation policy when he was arrested. The Special Cell of Delhi police had arrested Liyaqat from Uttar Pradesh's Gorakhpur in March 2013, allegedly for being a member of the Hizbul. He was allegedly intercepted when he was trying to sneak into the country through the Nepal border. The special cell also claimed to have seized an AK-56 rifle, three hand-grenades and some other articles from a guesthouse near Jama Masjid in Delhi. Within a few days, the National Investigation Agency had taken over the case. Meanwhile, the Jammu and Kashmir government protested the arrest, claiming that Liyaqat was on his way to surrender under the state's rehabilitation policy. The probe also revealed that Sabir Khan Pathan, who was apparently an informer for the Special Cell of Delhi police, was allegedly responsible for the placement of weapons and explosives in the guest house, said the NIA. The agency has filed a charge-sheet against Sabir Khan Pathan under the Arms Act and the Explosive Substances Act. The agency will conduct further investigations to unravel the conspiracy behind the alleged frame-up, said the NIA.