BJP Looks To Stitch Tactical Alliance Before RS Polls

21 January 2015
Rising Kashmir
Sumaiya Yousuf

Srinagar: With the notices issued for biennial election for four Rajya Sabha seats from J&K, Bhartiya Jantiya Party (BJP) is looking to forge a tactical alliance with Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) before the polls. BJP's General Secretary (Organization), Ashok Koul told Rising Kashmir that BJP will talk to other parties and seek support from them. 'There are many possibilities of either government formation in J&K or a tactical alliance in J&K before Rajya Sabha polls. It is not only BJP which needs support to win seats in Rajya Sabha polls but other parties also need to align with one or the other party to win at least two seats,' Koul said. If BJP fails to cobble with any party before RS polls, it has no other option but to go alone in the polls which according to them (BJP) 'will not be the case'. 'We are eyeing at least two seats in RS polls and for that matter we also need some support like other political parties. In case we emerge unsuccessful to negotiate with PDP or any other party in J&K then there is no option but to go alone for RS polls which has very less chances to happen,' he said. He added that most possibilities are of forming government in J&K before RS polls and if they fail to do so then a premeditated coalition will be formed. 'There has to be a coalition in J&K before RS polls and there is a dire need of democratic system in the state,' Koul said. As per notice the elections to four Members to the Council of States by the elected members of the Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly is to be held on 7th February in the premises of J&K Legislative Assembly Secretariat between the hours of 9.00 am and 4.00 p.m. Earlier, the Supreme Court had passed an amendment introducing open ballot, instead of secret ballot, for elections to the Rajya Sabha. Koul said it is also a benefit for them to get fair votes in RS polls this year.