Charlie Hebdo Cartoons Blasphemous, Says Cleric

17 January 2015
The Tribune (Chandigarh)

Srinagar: The Grand Mufti (chief cleric) of Kashmir, Mufti Bashir-ud-Din, has praised the Charlie Hebdo attackers, who killed 12 persons in a recent attack at the Paris office of the French satirical magazine for publishing controversial cartoons of Prophet Muhammad. The Grand Mufti told the European and Western nations the European and western nations to see reason and abstain from publishing 'blasphemous' cartoons of the Prophet, saying it will disturb world peace. 'Instead of learning lessons, the French Government has now increased its efforts to publish blasphemous cartoons of the Prophet, which is a challenge for the whole Islamic world,' the Grand Mufti said. He said Muslims can tolerate everything but 'disrespect' to the Prophet.