'Delhi Can't Thrust Its Decision On J&K'

12 January 2015
Kashmir Observer

New Delhi: Former Kashmir Interlocutor and noted journalist Dilip Padgounkar Monday said that Government of India cannot grant citizenship rights to the refugees of West Pakistan as it has no constitutional right to thrust its decision on the government of Jammu and Kashmir. 'The recommendations of joint parliamentary committee about settlement of refugees in JK cannot be implemented without having a debate and discussion on the issue. Besides, granting citizenship rights to Refugees is a State Subject matter and New Delhi cannot impose its authority on any government in Jammu and Kashmir,' Padgounkar told Srinagar based news gathering agency CNS adding that the move of the New Delhi will further alienate the people of Kashmir Valley. Padgounkar said that raking up such issues only harm the integrity of the country and all the controversial issues should be shelved in the interest of the country. 'New Delhi should understand that any move to grant special concessions to the refugees of West Pakistan would be unacceptable to the people of Kashmir Valley and if Central Government will push for the issue then it would certainly snowball into a major political controversy,' he said. Responding to a question, Padgounkar said that it will be a major setback for the institution of democracy, if political parties fail to form any government in the state. 'The two political parties that secured the maximum number of seats should join hands and govern the state on common agenda. There is no use of raising contentious issues like the abrogation of Article 370 or any other issue that could hurt the sentiments of people. It is the right time for the two major political parties to put an end to their differences and form a pro-people government in the State,' he said.