Mufti's Only Choice, BJP: Ansari

8 January 2015
Kashmir Observer

New Delhi: Former interlocutor M.M.Ansari Thursday said that People's Democratic Party has been caught in catch '28' situation as it doesn't know which way to go. He advised PDP to forge an alliance with BJP but at the same time suggested the party patron Mufti Muhammad Sayeed not to take any step that could disappoint the people of Kashmir valley. 'PDP will not be able to repeal AFSPA, demilitarize the region and financially help the people without the help and support of BJP. For such issues it ought to seek the support of BJP which is at the helm of affairs in the Centre. This party however, has been facing tremendous pressure from pro-freedom groups and some people that are against its alliance with BJP and this pressure can stop this party to form the government in Jammu and Kashmir,' Ansari told Srinagar based news gathering agency CNS adding that people of Kashmir should not treat BJP as untouchable. 'All over India Muslims have accepted and supported the BJP. PDP should continue to seek the support of BJP till it agrees to work on developing Jammu and Kashmir and provide assistance to flood victims. BJP has changed its policies and it is not harping now on communal politics,' he said and asked PDP to formulate a Common Minimum Programme with BJP and form the government to ease the sufferings of the people. Ansari revealed that New Delhi is ready to repeal the contentious AFSPA from Jammu and Kashmir, strengthen trade relations with Pakistan Administered Kashmir and provide financial assistance to state to help flood victims, in case PDP agrees to form the government with the support of BJP. 'Grand Alliance will be a failure as it has to deal with New Delhi where BJP has been ruling the roost,' he said. Responding to a question, Ansari said that it is not true that the future of PDP will not be bright in case it forms government with BJP. 'After forming the government if PDP really will mean business and will take pro-people initiatives, develop the State on modern lines particularly Srinagar city, then I am sure that this party will emerge always as the single largest party in the state. People want development and employment and they are intelligent enough to differentiate between good and bad,' he said.