China Urges India, Pak To Exercise Restraint On Kashmir Border

8 January 2015
Times of India
Saibal Dasgupta

Beijing: China has urged India and Pakistan to exercise restraint on the Kashmir border while expressing concern as a neighbor over the recent border flare-up between the two countries. Briefing newsmen, Chinese foreign ministry requested the two countries to control the situation through dialogue and consultation. It expects them to properly deal with their disputes, Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Hong Lei said at a regular press briefing. The Chinese advise will be closely examined by security specialists in India because New Delhi refuses to allow Beijing the role of an arbitrator in the dispute. Indian analysts believe China with its evident pro-Paksitan stance is an interested party, sources said. Hong also called on the two countries to work together to safeguard peace, stability and development in South Asia. The statement came amid accusations from New Delhi and Islamabad about unprovoked firings and violations of cease-fire agreements. China has in some ways encouraged Pakistan by building infrastructure projects in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir while ignoring repeated Indian protests because POK is part of India territory. Defense analysts believe China uses Pakistan to keep India under constant pressure. Besides Beijing is itself dependent on the Pakistani army to keep Taliban forces from crossing the border to its disturbed region of Xinjiang, where Islamic separatists are engaged in a bloody battle against Chinese security forces.