Omar Deriving Sadistic Pleasure From Violence: PDP

3 January 2015
Greater Kashmir

Srinagar: Reacting sharply to Omar Abdullah's criticism of the Peoples Democratic Party's (PDP) peace efforts, the party Saturday said the former Chief Minister is deriving sadistic pleasure over intensification of violence on borders between India and Pakistan in an attempt to score points with the supporters of peace. 'By saying 'Mufti's dream of early Indo -Pak dialogue was crashing' with apparent reference to the latest ceasefire violation on borders, Omar Abdullah has not only added insult to the injury of the millions of people who want peace in the region but has repeated his family line of thinking which calls for bombardment as the only viable solution to solve the Kashmir problem,' the party Chief Spokesperson, Naeem Akhtar said in a statement. He said that somebody who has served as a Chief Minister and the country's Foreign Minister should use this language is appalling. He said Omar Abdullah through his latest tweet has exposed the shallowness of his thought and his inability to even hide it. Akhtar said to see peace and prosperity in the entire South Asian region is not only Mufti Muhammad Sayeed's dream, but everybody who has suffered immensely because of the ongoing enmity between India and Pakistan wants to see end of their sufferings through dialogue and amicable resolution of political problems. 'Mufti Sahib only shares and channelizes the feelings of generations of people living in the state in constant fear of war, suffering dislocation, destruction and loss of life,' Akhtar said. The PDP Chief spokesperson said the 2003 Vajpayee initiative had played a significant role in soothing the relations between India and Pakistan and had given a hope among the common masses in the institution of dialogue but everything got derailed when the National Conference led- coalition took over the reins of the state in 2009 under the leadership of Omar Abdullah. Akhtar said peace and reconciliation constitute the core features of the PDP's agenda and it believes that establishment of durable and dignified peace alone can pull this region out of the economic distress. Akhtar said the National Conference has exploited many generations in the state just to keep itself in power and when it has been rejected thoroughly by the people it has apparently joined the advocates of violence and hawkish politics in order to find relevance.