Fazal’s Party Says No Way Out Of Dialogue

8 December 2009
Rising Kashmir

Srinagar: Jammu Kashmir Peoples Political Front, which is headed by Fazal Haq Qureshi, in a harsh-worded statement issued here Tuesday, reiterated its stand that the dialogue process was the only effective and civilized way to resolve Kashmir. According to the handout JKPPF leader Musadiq Aadil chaired an emergency meeting of party workers during which it was decided that the party would protect Qureshi’s stand and approach about the resolution of Kashmir issue. “JKPPF is not in the business of sellout. Sellout has happened much earlier when on one hand we were being rendered jobless but on the other hand oath was being taken on Indian constitution”, the statement said adding, “Misconstruing the dialogue process as sellout is nothing but intellectual bankruptcy. It is also an indirect admission that shortsighted people don’t know the art of negotiations which means they don’t do anything by themselves nor do they allow anybody else to do at least something. They indulge in random phraseology such as bilateral and tripartite talks thereby creating discord.” Asserting that the attack on Fazal Haq was motivated by an extremist and fascist mindset, the statement further said, “JKPPF will never surrender before extremism and fascism. Political practices require wide intellectual horizon and farsightedness. We want to make it clear to those who are used to Ostrich behaviors that such dastardly attacks would not intimidate JKPFF. Our men would rather get emboldened by such attacks and armed with this renewed confidence we shall cooperate in the efforts for peaceful resolution of Kashmir issue through the process of dialogue between Kashmir, Pakistan and India” According to the statement, JKPPF leaders have extended words of gratitude not just to a wide range of people who consoled the grieved party and family but also to those “who while consoling in- house obliquely spewed poison and when outside displayed the worst form of fascism.” The statement argued that the war of words or ornamental politics would never fetch victory. “We need to understand the political currents and work out a strategy that would take us forward.” Participants in the meeting, the statement said, prayed for quick recovery of Fazal Haq Qureshi.