India Goes Ahead With Kishenganga Project

18 November 2009

Srinagar: Work on the 330 mega watt (MW) Kishenganga hydro-power project has finally taken-off in North Kashmir, despite Pakistan's sustained objection. 'Work on the project began last year but there was some disruption at two places over local issues like jobs and rehabilitation. These stands resolved now. Work is now on,' commissioner-secretary of J&K power development department BR Sharma said. Pakistan had threatened to approach the World Bank, seeking appointment of a neutral expert to settle differences on the project. Islamabad believes the project will divert waters of the Jhelum, in violation of the Indus Water Treaty. But 'we believe the project is legal as per the Indus water treaty. We are continuing with our work and we hope to complete the project by the 2015 deadline,' Sharma said.