‘PPP’s Manipulations In POK Will Undermine Pakistan’s Case On Kashmir’

19 October 2009

Islamabad: PML-Q Secretary General Mushahid Hussain Syed has said that manipulation by the ruling PPP would weaken and undermine Pakistan’s case on Kashmir. The world would then perceive Pakistan Occupied Kashmir as a pawn in the hands of Islamabad rather than what Jammu and Kashmir should be like. Mushahid criticised the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) regime for its ‘political manipulation’ in POK, and said the government is trying to control AJK politics. He urged the PPP regime not to have double standards over the issue. If the PPP expected others to respect its mandate, it too should respect the government’s mandate in POK, the Daily Times quoted Mushahid, as saying. In a statement issued on Sunday, he alleged that the PPP regime had been instrumental in removing two prime ministers in POK, belying its tall claims of being a proponent of democratic values. In its quest for total power, the PPP regime in Islamabad was seeking to control POK, he added. Mushahid alleged that the government was also involved in the “horse trading” of elected members of the AJK Assembly to build an “artificial majority”.