‘Abdullah had no role in Kashmir’s accession to India’

16 August 2009
The Daily Times

NEW DELHI: Sheikh Abdullah had no role in Kashmir’s accession to India, Sheikh Nazir Ahmed, the senior-most leader of Kashmir’s National Conference party and Union Minister and party President Dr Farooq Abdullah’s cousin said on Sunday. He said it was the last Dogra maharaja, Hari Singh, who signed the accession documents on October 26, 1947 while Sheikh was languishing in jail. “There is a huge misconception among the Kashmiris that Sheikh sahib acceded to India. The reality is that Maharaja Hari Singh wrote a letter to Lord Mountbatten stating that Pakistani tribesmen had raided Kashmir and the state was in danger,” he said. Nazir said the maharaja claimed in his letter to Mountbatten that Pakistani tribesmen had blocked all roads and almost captured Srinagar. iftikhar gilani