Rangers start covering bunkers, posts with trees

8 August 2009
The Daily Excelsior
Sanjeev Pargal

JAMMU: In a new and serious development on the international border, Pakistan Rangers have started planting trees close to their bunkers and posts which when fully grown will reduce visibility across the IB from Indian posts to virtually zero. The fresh development on the international border comes close on the heels of raising of new bunkers by Pakistan Rangers close to the IB. Official sources said the planting of trees was noticed by security forces from their forward posts when the plants grew up to considerable height. The trees are being very tactfully planted by the Rangers ahead of their bunkers and posts which will hide and protect them from the security forces on this side. The trees being planted on the borders belonged to certain varieties which grow and spread very large covering vast space. Some of the trees have already gained about six to eight feet height, sources said. Initially, Pakistan Rangers have planted trees opposite Suchetgarh, RS Pura and Arnia sub sectors in Jammu district. Sources, however, anticipated that the Rangers could use similar tactics to protect their bunkers and posts in other forward areas of Jammu sector. According to sources, the newly planted trees could be fully grown within a couple of years and then it would be virtually impossible for security forces to observe movement of Pakistan army and Rangers from this side of the border. Besides protecting their bunkers, posts and towers, Pakistan army and BSF could also use the cover of trees to hide trained militants and push them into the Indian territory while getting an opportunity. Already there were reports that in addition to Line of Control (LoC), Pakistan army and ISI have also stationed a number of trained militants at launching pads close to IB to push them into this side of the border depending upon the opportunity. 'The Pakistan trained militants could also take cover of trees to hide themselves and try to intrude in an advantageous situation', sources said, adding Pakistan army seemed to be more concerned about hiding the militants than their bunkers and posts since a cease-fire between the two countries is already in force since November 2003. Although there is no possibility of a war between India and Pakistan in the near future but, sources averred, in case of hostilities between the two countries, the grown up trees could also go to the advantage of enemy troops. However, according to sources, security officials on this side were not worried about the latest tactics of Pakistan army and Rangers. 'We are fully prepared to meet with any situation including infiltration by the militants under the cover of trees', they said.