Ready to talk to anyone in J&K: PM

18 June 2009
The Hindustan Times
Amit Baruah

On-board Air India One: Delhi had not given up on Kashmir and was ready to engage in a dialogue with all those who shun the use of the gun, Manmohan Singh said at his first press conference after being appointed PM for the second time. Describing some recent incidents in Kashmir, including the rape and murder of two women in Shopian, as highly unfortunate, Singh promised to take effective action in case of any violation of human rights. I've always said that we'd be happy to engage in a dialogue with any groupwe'd welcome even those groups who're not in the political mainstream, he said on his flight from Yekaterinburg to New Delhi. In the past, Hurriyat leaders had said they would send proposals after meeting the PM, but they never did so. Ditto was the case with a list of detainees. I'm not complaining, said Singh. We're willing to engage in dialogue with anyone who's willing to shun the use of gun.