India urged to look beyond LoC formula

13 June 2009
The Dawn

London: India needs to consider a Kashmir solution based on 'something more than the LoC' if it is sincere in wanting to establish lasting peace in the subcontinent, said Mark Tully, the BBC fame journalist while speaking at a talk-show organised by the Commonwealth Journalists Association here on Friday. Accompanied by Soli Sorabjee, the former attorney general of India who was the other speaker at the talk show, he presented an analysis of recent Indian poll. 'India can and should in its own interest take some magnanimous initiatives to resolve the Kashmir issue. Every one knows that India would like to settle the issue by turning the Line of Control into an international border. But that would not be the end of the matter. It has to consider something more than LoC if wants a lasting peace in the region,' said Mr Tully He did not elaborate what he meant by 'something more than LoC' but said the announcement by the Indian home minister the other day that Delhi wanted to withdraw its troops from the cities and towns of Kashmir was a decision in the right direction and hoped that Pakistan would regard it as such and reciprocate. Special Correspondent