Cross-LoC trade touches Rs16.3 million

17 April 2009
The News International

Islamabad: For the first time since its launch last year, cross-LoC trade between Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Indian-held Jammu Kashmir on the Poonch-Rawalakot route touched Rs16.3 million, says a report which reached here from across the Line of Control. This was for the first time that the exchange of trade between AJK and Indian-held Jammu and Kashmir crossed Rs10 million, the report said. Also, this was for the first time that 56 trucks exchanged sides from Taitrinote-Chakan-Da-Bagh LoC point on the centuries-old historic Rawalkot-Poonch route till Wednesday. Traders from occupied Poonch received items worth Rs13,325,059 supplied by their counterparts at Rawlakot and adjoining areas of the business hub in AJK. Occupied Poonch traders supplied items worth Rs2,988,807 to AJK traders. During weekly trade on Tuesday and Wednesday last week, items worth Rs5.7 million were supplied by the traders of the two sides of LoC. This was for the first time that trade crossed the Rs10-million mark, the report revealed. While 29 trucks rolled into occupied Poonch from AJK through Chakan-Da-Bagh-Taitrinote late on Wednesday, 27 trucks reached AJK from across the LoC through the same route. It was due to the heavy rush of items to be loaded in the trucks after a thorough security check, which took a lot of time that cross-LoC trade had to be suspended on Tuesday. During its normal course, cross-LoC trade takes place every Tuesday and Wednesday. Even on Wednesday, it took labourers a lot of time to off-load the goods at the Trade Facilitation Centre (TFC) at Rangar in occupied Poonch and the list of goods supplied could not be prepared till late last night as the items went through tedious security check. However, according to official sources, a large quantity of oranges, onions, almonds, chuhara, peshawari sandals and figs were supplied to the traders of occupied Poonch from AJK. Items sent from Poonch to AJK include potatoes, grapes, ladyfinger, peas, imli and honey. Trade Facilitation Officer (TFO), occupied Poonch, Matloob Khan represented Poonch at Chakan-Da-Bagh while TFO Hajeera, Khadim Bukhari and ACR Hajeera, Sadiq Malik represented this side of the LoC.