JKNSF for liberating Kashmir through socialist struggle

18 February 2009
The News International

Islamabad: The Jammu Kashmir National Students Federation (JKNSF) has reiterated its vision of liberating Kashmir from Indian occupation through a socialist struggle, as they claimed that religious parties had failed to make any advancement in the freedom struggle. Speaking at the JKNSFs All Sindh Convention on Wednesday, JKNSF President, Amjad Shahsawar, said that the mission of the martyrs of the Kashmiri struggle could only be achieved through a socialist revolution. The convention was held to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the martyrdom of Maqbool Butt and the 19th anniversary of the martyrs of Chakothi. Shahsawar criticised organisations which were backed by the government, saying that they divided the people of Kashmir along religious lines, and negotiated their politics through the corpses of the martyrs. He said that the time had come for direct action and a fight for freedom from Indian tyranny. Speakers at the convention stressed that that the freedom of Kashmir could only be achieved through the platform of socialism. A new cabinet of the JKNSF Sindh was also formed at the occasion.