Sensible people will not advocate bombing of Pakistan: Abdullah

10 January 2009
The Daily Times

Islamabad: Newly elected Indian-held Kashmir (IHK) Chief Minister Omar Abdullah has said sensible people do not call for bombing Pakistan, Outlook India reported on Saturday. When asked in an interview how he saw the India-Pakistan situation after the Mumbai attacks, Abdullah said he was worried about the scenario because, “instead of talking to each other, I feel India and Pakistan are talking at each other”. Admitting there were some in India who wanted to push Pakistan to the brink, Abdullah said others, like Congress President Sonia Gandhi, “are more sensible”. “The two countries are talking tough but thank God no one is suggesting rolling back the confidence-building measures,” he said. Solution: When asked how he would deliver on the Kashmir problem, the CM said, “Daily issues should be disconnected from finding a solution to the Kashmir problem. We had to say that because there were those who tried to convince people to boycott the elections, saying that taking part would be a tacit vote for India and detrimental to movement on the Kashmir problem.” Asked if he would be open to including separatists in a dialogue, he said, “Everyone should be included, but it is premature to talk of this,” due to the deteriorating situation of relations between Pakistan and India. Abdullah, the leader of the pro-India National Conference (NC), was backed by India’s ruling Congress Party, after state elections in the Muslim-majority region failed to return an outright winner. The NC won 28 of the state assembly’s 87 seats, while Congress secured 17. The regional People’s Democratic Party was the main opposition party, winning 21 seats.