March 2008 News

Lashkar Warns Zardari Over Kashmir

3 March 2008

Islamabad: Militant outfit Lashkar-e-Toiba has condemned PPP co-chairman Asif Zardari’s remarks on Kashmir in which he had said the issue can be ‘kept aside’ for now. Lashkar chief Hafiz Sayyed has demanded that Zardari take back his words and not try and please India. He said Zardari should rather demand a UN intervention in Kashmir. Sayyed also warned that Pakistan can not ignore the sacrifices of Kashmiris and that any person or party in Pakistan which ignored Kashmir would not survive. In a major shift from Pakistan’s position, Zardari had expressed readiness to set aside the Kashmir issue to focus on other aspects for improving relations with India. He had emphasised that the relations between India and Pakistan should not be held “hostage” to the Kashmir issue and that the two countries “can wait” so that future generations resolve the dispute in a mature manner in an atmosphere of “trust”. In views reflecting India’s position, Zardari had said he was determined to break the barriers and mindsets that deter trade between the two countries.

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