February 2008 News

US Should Appoint High-ranking Envoy On Kashmir Resolution: Wendy Chamberlin

25 February 2008
Associated Press of Pakistan

Washington DC: A former top American diplomat Wendy Chamberlin has called for appointment of a high-ranking US envoy to help facilitate a negotiated settlement of long- standing Jammu and Kashmir dispute between Pakistan and India . “We should appoint a high-ranking envoy to negotiate with the two parties on a resolution in Kashmir,” she suggested as part of efforts that can help tamp down threat of extremism as she underlined the need for establishing peace in South Asia in a discussion on post-election scene in Pakistan. Chamberlin, who served as US ambassador to Pakistan in 2001-02, argued that settlement of the decades-old dispute would help curb militancy and bring durable security to the region. “I think we’re in a new era. I think that this has been a watershed election, and I don’t think that we should be tied to what happened in the past. We ought to see what ought to be in the future, and that’s what we ought to target,” she said in answer to a question about prospects for success of such an initiative in view of the past policies. In order to strengthen US counterterrorism cooperation with Pakistan, she emphasized that the US should see that “road to peace in Pakistan leads through New Delhi.” The foreign policy expert, who now heads a Washington think tank, also addressed the issue in a C-SPAN channel appearance, stressing the importance of resolving lingering conflicts in the broader Middle East. She reminded that it was tension over the Kashmir dispute that had pushed the two countries to the threat of a nuclear war and underscored that peace and security in the region hinges on Pakistan-India relationship. Commenting on the issue, Karl Inderfurth, the former top State Department official for South Asia, noted that President Pervez Musharraf has led Pakistan in establishing a relationship and a dialogue with India that is the “longest-running” and saw some progress on the long-standing dispute. “Ever since their close to confrontation in 2001 and 2002, they have done thing- Musharraf and Manmohan Singh-to place Pakistan- India relations on a path toward normalizing this relationship.” He said they’ve been discussing Kashmir in their press and formal statements and also more importantly in other channels. “There has been progress in that regard.” He was optimistic that with the leadership of two large victorious Pakistani political parties, PPPP and PML (N,) also following their avowed peace approach, “we can see some real progress on Pakistan-Indian relations, including on Kashmir, which they both recognize must be resolved.”

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